Bent Tree Property Owners’ Association

Board of Directors’ Meeting DRAFT Agenda

TUESDAY, August 15, 2017

Monument Sanitation District Office, 130 2nd St., Monument




Members Present: Greg Davis, Mark Weidner, Matt Dunston, Paul Baker, Chris Mettes.

Meeting commenced at 6:35pm.



1)         Approval of the agenda

Motion to approve agenda by Mark, seconded by Paul, unanimously approved.

2)         Excuse absences, if any

All board members present.

3)         Resident remarks, if any, on topics not on the agenda

No update on proposed all Bent Tree block party. Resident Tim McLaughlin addressed his concerns about covenant compliance and enforcement. The board members reviewed the procedures and progress of outstanding complaints.

4)         ACC Report

Matt discussed ongoing activities. Homebuilder who has exceeded nine month construction limit is progressing with the project. Builder was granted an extension.

5)         Committee Reports, if any

a)      Beautification, Trails & Roads:  Paul Baker, Chair

Paul reported that the final Fall mowing should be done in 2-3 weeks along with weed spraying at the monuments. Work will soon be done on Roller Coaster trail by board members and volunteers.

b)      Communications, Directory & Web Site:  Greg Davis, Chair

Eric Hammersley has been working on a website redesign.  The idea is to update the website using the latest technology, make it easier to update and manage, and allow resident to update their own information. The board reviewed the progress of the update, which should be completed by October.

c)       Covenant Compliance:  Mark Weidner, Chair

Mark reported on activities for the month.

d)      Engineering & Water Augmentation:  Matt Dunston, Chair

Matt reported that the yellow water usage cards are being returned and processed.

e)       Forest Management:  Mark Weidner, Chair

Mark reported that Marla is tracking down contact information for owners of remaining properties with problem trees.

f)        Neighborhood Watch: BOD Liaison Paul Baker – Herb Wetzel, Chair

No report.

g)      Welcoming:  BOD Liaison Greg Davis – Chuck Loeffler, Chair

Read Chuck’s email report of monthly activities. Chuck will be resigning his position after many years of dedicated work. A replacement will be needed.






6)         Review/approve prior board meeting minutes, if available

Motion to approve minutes from July board meeting by Paul, seconded by Mark, unanimously approved.

7)         Treasurer’s Report

a)      Current Financial Report

Matt distributed the financial update to the board for review.

b)      Review/approve reimbursements and other bills, if any

Motion to approve financial update and pay outstanding bills by Paul, seconded by Mark, unanimously approved.

8)         Future Meeting Schedule:

a)      Regular board meetings (3rd TUESDAY, 6:30 pm, Monument Sanitation District): September 12th (September meeting advanced one week because of Annual BTPOA Meeting on September 14th), October 17th, November 21st, and December 19th.

b)      Membership annual meeting: September 14th
Review plans for annual meeting, up for election is one ACC spot and one board member position currently held by Matt Dunston, and another board position currently held by Chris Mettes who will be resigning due to moving.

Matt has consented to remain on board if approved at annual meeting. Chris Mettes will need to be replaced due to pending move. Chuck Loeffler will need to be replaced due to resignation. Eric Hammersley has consented to accepted nomination for board membership.

9)         Any other business


10)     Adjournment

Meeting was adjourned at 7:36pm by Greg.



Minutes prepared by Chris Mettes August 17, 2017.  Amended September 12, 2017.