BTPOA ACC Meeting Minutes Summary

July 5, 2017


ACC Attendee’s at Rosie’s Diner, 7PM: 

Existing Members – Matt Dunston, Chairman;   Jimmy Myers, Secretary

Excused absences – Jim Rios

Non-Members - none

1)      Approved June 7, 2017 ACC Meeting Minutes documented by ACC Secretary

2)      Post Meeting Administrative Approval (by Jimmy):

                    i.            Property owner at 17435 Charter Pines Drive relative to e-mail request for guidance on location of DirecTV dish . . . after visiting the property, Jimmy indicated that mounting on the rock chimney would not be approved.  However, alternate location off the master bedroom deck at the side/rear of the house on the sidewall above the small roof overhang was given administrative approval as the visibility of the dish from the street and front of house would be minimal.  Owner decided to have dish mounted on side of master bedroom deck which is not visible from street.

3)      Approved submission by property owner at 17020 Viscount Court for a custom built 8’ x 12’ garden shed at a location on the property reviewed by Matt behind the house.

4)      Approved submission by property owner at 1340 Ambergate Court to add a custom built gazebo in the front yard to replace the existing fountain.  Note:  they have decided to not request the custom built shed that Jimmy previously discussed with them.

5)      Approved submission by property owner at 17435 Charter Pines Drive to have a dog run fence installed at the rear of the house approximately 55’ x 62’.

6)      Future Meeting Schedule:

a.      First Wednesday of the month @ 7pm:   August 2nd, September 6th , October 4th  

7)      Adjournment