BTPOA ACC Meeting Minutes Summary

 June 7, 2017

ACC Attendees at Rosie’s Diner, 7:00 PM: 

Existing Members – Matt Dunston, Chairman;   Jimmy Myers

Excused absences – Jim Rios

Non-Members - none

1)      Approved BTPOA ACC Meeting Minutes of May 3, 2017

2)      Approved submission by Sharon Gann at 1420 Regal Glen Court for an 80’ wide by 6’ high wood privacy fence along southern property line with the variance that fence can be located at a minimum of 5 feet off the property line rather than the larger setback depicted/requested.

3)      Approved submissions by Phil and Gladys Perry at 17430 Charter Pines Drive for larger replacement deck, outdoor lighting replacement and re-staining of front door.

4)      Future Meeting Schedule:

a.      First Wednesday of the month @ 7pm at Rosie’s Diner:  August 2nd, September 6th , October 4th   

5)      Adjournment