BTPOA ACC Meeting Minutes Summary

May 3, 2017

ACC Attendees at Rosie’s Diner, 6:00 PM: 

Existing Members – Matt Dunston, Chairman;  Jim Rios;  Jimmy Myers

Non-Members - none

1)      BTPOA ACC Meeting Minutes of April 5, 2017 approved.

2)      Approval of April 5, 2017 ACC Meeting Minutes documented by ACC Secretary

3)      Matt briefed ACC on further discussions with Tony (Robert) Hillard at 17295 Colonial Park Drive relative to unapproved 10’x20’ prefabricated shed. 

4)      Discussed ACC rejection of unapproved/existing installation of vinyl carport cover at 17155 Colonial Park Drive . . . Covenant Compliance Committee is taking the lead on this one for now.  Matt to help with future detached garage submission.

5)      Jimmy’s proposed revision to ACC Form page 2 “Approval Signature” section unanimously approved . . . Jimmy to forward to Web Administrator for posting to BTPOA web site.

6)      Signed submission by Rob Tomenendal  at 17940 Queensmere Drive relative to replacement of flagstone patio at front of house . . . previously given ACC Administrative Approval to proceed.

7)      Signed submission by Chris Mettes at 17420 Colonial Park Drive relative to install of 12’x14’ Wood Gazebo on existing back deck . . . previously given ACC Administrative Approval to proceed.

8)      Reviewed and approved submission by Eddie & Leslie Valez at 17770 Radbourne Court for complete replacement of existing back deck.

9)      Discussed pending submission from Ed Herlik regarding request for information/guidance relative to a new design/build on his lot in Bent Tree III.  Matt to follow up with him and to determine if any line-of-site issues.

10)  Matt reported back that construction by TKO Construction Company on Boldmere Court (Lot 247?) was indeed progressing at a normal rate coincident with the large/complex structure.

Post Meeting Approvals (by Matt and Jimmy):

11)  Met with Marty Christensen (of Charter Craft Homes) at 17355 Charter Pines Drive relative to submission of plans for a new detached garage . . . approved as submitted with variance of 35 foot setback reduced to 24 feet.

12)  Approved Debbi Radke submission at 18010 Bankhurst Court for a replacement asphalt roof.

13)  Approved Paul Baker submission at 17775 Barrington Court for painting existing stucco a slightly darker shade.

14)  Approved Dennis and Colleen Avery submission  at 17755 Charter Pines Drive for two phased landscaping.

Meeting adjourned with Jimmy to complete the meeting minutes summary and forward to BTPOA Web Administrator for posting in the ACC Meeting Section on the BTPOA Website after approval at next meeting, June 7, 2017 at 7:00PM.