BTPOA ACC Meeting Minutes Summary

April 5, 2017


ACC Attendees at Village Inn, 7:00 PM: 

Existing Members – Matt Dunston, Chairman

       Jimmy Myers, Secretary

Non-Members - none


1.       Winter ACC meetings on Jan. 4, Feb. 1 and Mar. 1 cancelled due to no new ACC Requests.

2.       December 7 ACC meeting minutes approved as submitted by Secretary with Jimmy to forward to BTPOA Web Administrator for posting in the ACC Meeting Section on the BTPOA Website.

3.       Prior to April meeting, received request on March 6 from Eric Hammersley of 1330 Embassy Ct. regarding addition of trampoline in rear of home just purchased.  Eric asked for expedited action on this request.  Jimmy visited site to review and to take photos for Matt and Jim Rios.  Since location was not visible from street and had reasonable tree screening and distance from adjacent neighbors, request was approved “As Submitted” with Jim and Jimmy signing.

4.       Reviewed (revised)  decking (w/hot tub)/shed additions as well as updated landscaping and irrigation plan upgrade request submitted by Tony (Robert) Hillard/Tracy Carlsen at 17295 Colonial Park drive (Lot 137) on March 16.  Matt directed Jimmy to visit site and to get more information on plans from Tony.  Jimmy did so and received a photo of planned 10’x20’ barn style pre-fabricated shed which appeared to be about 12-15’ tall.  Shed location next to existing vinyl fence was well within 35’ setback from property line and would have reasonably good tree screening from neighbor’s home but would be visible from the street at the driveway entrance.  Tony indicated shed was only primed for future paint and that he would agree to paint same colors as his house stucco and trim.  Tony did not have a deck plan from his subcontractor for the 12’x15’ addition, but location is just to the side and behind the rear corner of house and would connect to existing deck but would be considerably lower and accessed from above via new stairs.  Tony indicated that deck construction would be similar to that of existing 20+ year old deck, i.e. 6x6 redwood or pressure treated posts, 2x10 pressure treated beams and composite decking floorboards but would have no roof cover.  Deck/hot tub location would not be visible by adjacent neighbors, but would be slightly visible from the street and neighbor’s house across the street.  Jimmy discussed the situation/issues with Matt over the phone and Matt indicated that he also wanted to visit the site and discuss with Tony.  Note:  no issues with updated landscape/irrigation plans.  Formal approval pending Matt’s meeting outcome with Tony.

5.       Reviewed the Spring fencing request received on January 4 from Paul and Helen Baker at 17775 Barrington Court.  No issues were identified, but this ACC Request was subsequently withdrawn by owners. 


Meeting adjourned with Jimmy to complete the meeting minutes summary and forward to BTPOA Web Administrator for posting in the ACC Meeting Section on the BTPOA Website after approval at next meeting, May 3, 2017 at 7:00PM.