BTPOA ACC Meeting Minutes Summary

December 7, 2016


ACC Attendees at Back East, 4:30 PM:

Existing Members Matt Dunston, Chairman

Jimmy Myers, Secretary

Non-Members - none


1.       Reviewed (revised) landscaping and irrigation plan upgrade request submitted by Tony Hillard/Tracy Carlsen at 17295 Colonial Park drive (Lot 137). Approved as Submitted.

2.       Reviewed fencing request along lot boundary with Hwy 105 submitted by Andy Ellis at 815 Scottswood Drive (Lot 1). Similar composite fence product from Home Depot was approved for Lot 232 at October 5, 2016 ACC meeting. Approved as Submitted.


Meeting adjourned with Jimmy to complete the meeting minutes summary and forward to BTPOA Web Administrator for posting in the ACC Meeting Section on the BTPOA Website after approval at next meeting, January 4, 2016 at 7:00PM at the Village Inn.