BTPOA ACC Meeting Minutes Summary

October 5, 2016


ACC Attendees at Village Inn, 7:00 PM: 

Existing Member – Matt Dunston, Chairman

Outgoing Member – Ron Restanio, Secretary

Incoming Members – Jim Rios and Jimmy Myers, Secretary

Non-Members - none


1.       Matt and Ron discussed how ACC functions with new members.

2.       Jimmy Myers agreed to position as new Secretary replacing Ron Restanio . . . for continuity, Ron to attend at least one more meeting.

3.       Matt and Jimmy to get new member contact information to President (Greg) so that appropriate BTPOA Website updates can be made.

4.       James Myers (Jimmy) previously submitted ACC Project Application prior to meeting for front porch stoop repair and front sidewalk replacement on his Lot 216 at 18050 Bankhurst Ct.  Prior to tonight’s meeting, Matt left voice mail on owner’s phone indicating that ACC was giving “Administrative Approval” for this application.  Jimmy brought updated “As Built” sketch to meeting.  Motion was made to approve and vote was unanimous to “Approve as Submitted” (with Ron voting in lieu of Jimmy).  Matt will supply application paperwork at next meeting to allow signatures by ACC Members.

5.       ACC spent remainder of meeting discussing application of Brian and Dawn Gilbert regarding Lot 232 at 1330 Ambergate Court that the Gilberts are in the process of purchasing with closing anticipated in early October.  Application is for an invisible perimeter dog fence as well as a permanent 6’ privacy fence approximately 32 x 48 feet (maximum).  The stated purpose/use for the privacy fence is a) to provide a dog run when the owners are not at home and b) to provide a shielded storage area for a quote “small trailer”. The prospective owners have submitted sketch of location and Matt to meet with the Gilberts on site in the near future to ensure there are no visible issues with the location.  Prospective owners submitted several possible non-wood fence products for consideration.  Committee disapproved the four vinyl products because of the bright obtrusive colors but did approve the two SimTek composite polyethylene plastic reinforced with galvanized steel product submissions in the two darker earthtone colors presented.  Jimmy suggested and Matt agreed to advise the prospective owners that the approval of the small trailer to be stored must be approved separately by the BTPOA CCC (Jim Rios to notify CCC) and to remind them that RV’s are strictly prohibited to be stored on BTPOA properties outside of permanent garage structures.  Motion to approve application was made predicated on upcoming site visit/approval by Matt in the near future.  ACC members approved unanimously and signed application paperwork as “Approved with Stipulations & General  Requirements “.   Matt will hold application paperwork until the meeting with the Gilberts has been completed. 


Meeting adjourned with Jimmy to complete the meeting minutes summary and forward to BTPOA Web Administrator  for posting in the ACC Meeting Section on the BTPOA Website.  Next meeting planned for November 2, 2016 same time and location.