Bent Tree Property Owners’ Association

BTPOA Annual Meeting

September22, 2016

Woodmoor Improvement Association Barn



The meeting was called to order by Board President, Greg Davis, at 6:40 PM.


Board Members present:  Greg Davis, Matt Dunston, Deb Guillan.  Mark Weidner was Absent


26 Lots were Represented.  No Quorum met


Approval of the Agenda:  Steve Fuhrmann made a motion to approve the agenda. Seconded by Patrick Quinlan, unanimously approved by homeowners.


Approval of the Annual  Meeting Minutes of Sept. 17, 2015: Matt Dunston made a motion to approve.  Jimmy Meyers seconded the motion.  Unanimous Approval.


Approval of the Annual Budget Meeting Minutes of February 18, 2016: Paul Baker made a motion to approve.  Bill Nichols Seconded the motion.  Unanimous Approval.


ACC Election to fill Two Positions:  Ron Restanio indicated that he would step down from the ACC committee and help liaison with the new ACC members during the transition.  Jimmy Meyers and Jim Rios were supported by a show of hands from the homeowners.  The two were elected to the ACC with Matt Dunston’s support.


Board Of Directors Election to Fill Three Positions:  Greg Davis agreed to serve for a 2nd term, Chris Mettes and Paul Baker agreed to serve on the Board of Directors.   By a show of homeowner hand, the three will be on the BTPOA Board of Directors along with Matt Dunston and Mark Weidner.


ACC Report: Matt Presented the ACC report and gave an update on what would need ACC approval .  It was indicated that ACC approval requests take the time needed for the ACC committee to meet at their monthly meeting.  But, accommodations for quicker responses can be accomplished if those needs arise.


Committee Reports:

Beautification, Trails & Roads:  Deb Guillan reported that Dole completed his fourth cornerstone mow, weed spraying, home frontage mowing & lower trail mowing where able.  She also gave an update of upper trail improvement needing further study with a hope to begin in 2017.


Covenant Compliance:  Matt reported for Mark Weidner.  Matt indicated there have been a number of reoccurring issues, all being addressed.  Homeowners expressed some things that they are seeing.  Matt indicated that parking, RV’s Boats and Property Upkeep are the biggest issues.


Forest Management:   Matt Reported for Mark Weidner.  He indicated a tree inspection will be conducted in the springtime.  Steve indicated the Colorado State Conservation will meet with homeowners as to tree reduction inspections.  Clean up pine needles and slash to reduce fuel sources in the event of a fire.


Neighborhood Watch:  Matt Reported for the Watch Chair, Herb Wetzel.


Water Augmentation:  Matt reported on the water augmentation plan and explained it pertaining to our community wells.  He indicated the homeowner wells are from the Dawson Aquifer.  The community wells draw from the Denver Aquifer and trickle down to the Dawson Aquifer as was the design required for the Community Augmentation Plan.  Questions about the quality of water in the Dawson were answered as a homeowner’s responsibility.  Testing of individual wells can be accomplished through the El Paso County Health Department.


Engineering and Drainage:  Matt reported the detention sources have been walked and cleared as of 2015.


Financial Report:  Greg Davis presented the 2016 Budget.  He presented the Reserved Study and The Balance Sheet.  Questions about each of these items were answered.  No Quorum to vote on the Budget for 2016.


Future Meeting Schedule:   Regular Board Meetings (3rd Tuesday, 6:30 P.M., Monument Sanitation District):   October 18th. Nov. 15, 2016, Dec. 20, 2016, Jan.17, 2017, Feb. 21, 2017, March 21, 2017

Annual Budget Meeting February 16, 2017, Homeowners Meeting-September 28, 2017.




The meeting was adjourned. At 8:52 P.M.                              


Minutes prepared by Secretary Deb Guillan, September 22, 2016


Minutes Approved by the Board October 18, 2016