Bent Tree Property Owners’ Association

BTPOA Annual Homeowners’ Meeting Minutes

DATE OF MEETING September 17, 2015

Woodmoor Improvement Association Barn

Meeting called to order by Greg 6:42 PM



Board members: Greg Davis-President, Patrick Quinlan-Vice President, Matt Dunston-Treasurer Director, Deb Guillan-Secretary, Mark Weidner Director

Other Attendees: 40 lots represented. Quorum Met


Approval of the Agenda-Approved by Homeowners unanimously.

Approval of the September 17, 2014 Annual Meeting Minutes-Approved by Homeowners unanimously.

Approval of the March 5, 2015 Budget Meeting Minutes-Approved by Homeowners Unanimously.


Election Conducted for ACC Position:  Ron Restanio position was renewed with unanimous acclimation.

Election Conducted for Twos Positions: On Currently filled by Patrick Quinlan, who is retiring.  One currently filled by Mark Weidner. 

Mark Weidner’s position was renewed with unanimous acclimation.

Brandon Ware was voted to be on the Board of Directors with unanimous acclimation.


ACC Report-Ron Restanio presented reasons for enlisting the ACC’s approval.  Mostly in fencing changes

And or home structural changes.

Committee Reports-

Beautification, Trails & Roads:  BOD Chair, Deb Guillan presented a work day on September 17th will be conducted to repair the water damage on the lower Higby Road Trails.

Covenant Compliance:  Mark Weidner spoke of 7 tours and 18 issues.  Many were parking issues with cars and Recreation Vehicles.  Barking and Vicious Dogs referred to Humane Society, Fire pit concerns, gunshots traced to the Brown Gun Range.  One parking variance was given now no longer in effect.

Forestry: Mark Weidner presented that we could safely go without a beetle inspection in 2016 due to the recent rains causing less stress on the pine trees.  Unanimous approval by show of hands to not have an inspection for beetle kill in 2016.  Black Forest Slash pile is a source for trees and tree limbs /slash reduction.

Engineering & Water Augmentation:  Matt Dunston presented the process of the water augmentation plan including the water usage card return.  He explained new cards for 2016 will be much easier to fill out.  Bent Tree has 48% controlling interest in the Great Divide Water Company. 

Welcoming:  Deanne McCullough presented the purpose of the Bent Tree Welcoming Committee is to Welcome new residents to the community and provide them with essential information about Bent Tree.  It Consists of Chuck Loeffler & Deanne McCullough.  Twelve homeowners were welcomed in the last 12 months, & three more soon will be with pending sales.

Engineering & Drainage: Greg Davis presented a slide show presentation talking about the recent clean out of many of the 15 detention ponds.  The reason for these ponds is to assure Historic flow remains the same as before the development. 

Financial Report:  Matt Dunston presented.  Matt detailed out the CD amounts, Reserves, Budget Items; Cornerstone Improvement and Bank Balance.

The 2015 Budget was voted on and received a Unanimous Acclimation.




Future Meeting Schedule:  Regular Board Meetings (3rd Tuesday, 6:30 pm, Monument Sanitation District): Oct. 20th, Nov. 17th, Dec. 15th, Jan.20th, Feb. 9th, March15th.

Adjournment-A motion was made to adjourn by Steve Furmann. Seconded by Pete Hoyt  Unanimous Approval

Minutes prepared by Secretary Deb Guillan Oct. 19, 2015       Approved