Bent Tree Property Owners’ Association

Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes

September 8, 2015

  Monument Sanitation Board Meeting Room


The meeting was called to order by Board President, Greg Davis, at 6:46 PM.


Board  members  present:  Greg Davis,  Matt Dunston, Patrick Quinlan, Deb Guillan &  Mark Weidner.


Approval of the Agenda:  Matt made a motion to approve the agenda as written.  The motion was seconded by Mark. Unanimous approval


Resident Remarks: None


ACC Report:  Matt Dunston gave this report indicating roof replacement and tree thinning were approved.


Committee Reports:

Beautification, Trails & Roads:  BOD Liason Deb Guillan gave report a work day is planned for Oct. 14th.  Matt has removed all downed trees from cornerstones.  Matt reported on completed Cornerstone Project at Colonial Park.  Completed and on budget.

Communications: No Report or discussion.

Covenant Compliance:  Mark gave a reported a tree concern, one split by lightening or wind.  Matt will follow up. 

Engineering and Water Augmentation:   Matt reported the final work is done on the Detention ponds.  Some water cards remain outstanding, needed prior to report for Nov.  Greg will present a photos of the detention ponds and clean up at the upcoming HOA meeting.

Forest Management:   Mark will present a report at the upcoming HOA Member Meeting.

Neighborhood Watch: No report or discussion.

Welcoming:   Deb presented Chuck’s report.  Renae will present the yearly report at the upcoming Members meeting in Chuck’s absence.


.Board meeting minutes:  Minutes for the August board meeting were presented.  Patrick approved.  Seconded by Matt. Unanimous approval.


Treasurer’s Report:   Matt presented the Cornerstone Improvement was completed at the budgeted amount.  He indicated there may be a bank change for the Property Association Account.

Matt made a motion to change from Wells Fargo Bank to Integrity Bank.  Patrick seconded this motion. Unanimous Approval.

A motion to pay Marla’s hours & reimburse Deb Guillan for the state HOA Registration fee was made by Greg & Seconded by Matt.  Unanimous Approval.


Final Plans for Annual Homeowner’s Meeting-September 17th.Future Meeting Schedule:

Annual Homeowners Meeting: Thursday, September 17th, 6:30 P.M., Woodmoor Improvement Association Barn, 1691 Woodmoor Drive.


Regular Board Meetings : 3rd Tuesday, 6:30 P.M., Monument Sanitation District; July 21st, Aug 18th,Sept. 8th, Oct. 20, Nov. 17th, & Dec.15th. Jan. 19th.  Feb 9th.

Motion to Adjourn, made by Deb.  Seconded by Mark.  Unanimous Approval 8:34 P.M.




Minutes prepared by Secretary Deb Guillan   Sept. 10, 2015   Approved by the Board,  October 18, 2015