ACC meeting minutes Nov. 06, 2014

1)                  Ron, Matt, Brandon at the Village Inn.

2)                  1310 Boldmere Court, Lot# 245.  Approved application for landscaping and retaining wall.

3)                  17520 Charter Pines, Lot# 103.   Application to Build fence, plant trees, and add patio. 

4)                  17890 Radbourne Court, Lot# 48.  Application for new fence was submitted 10/14/2014.   Need more information on application before making a decision.    Fence will be used to screen cars.

5)                  17775 Barrington Court, Lot# 21.  Had several trees marked for removal, may need a walk through at the property before approving.

6)                  865 Scottswood, Lot #3.   Application for a shed, Matt will follow up before application is approved.

7)                  Had a discussion about what changes will require an application and which will only require administrative approval.  

8)                  Need to get the web site updated to show new ACC members.