Minutes-February 12, 2014

Bent Tree Property Owner’s Association



Quorum Established with 41 Homeowners Present.


Board: John Heiser, President; Matt Dunston, Director; Greg Davis, Director; Deb Guillan, Secretary; Patrick Quinlan; V. President, Independent Administrator: Traci Silverberg, Mark Weidner;CCC Committee & Forestry Committee Chair,  Chuck Loeffler; Welcoming Committee Chair. Steve Fuhrmann:: Web Site Admin.,  Bob Hostetler: Water Augmentation & Engineering Chair, Leslie Valdez; Beautification & Trails Chair. Herb Wetzel; Neighborhood Watch Chair

Motion: To Accept Patrick Quinlan’s Minutes from the Annual September BTPOA Meeting.  Motion made by Matt Dunston. Second by Bob Simpson.  Unanimous Approval.

Committee Reports;

Neighborhood Watch-Herb Wetzel encouraged Bent Tree residents to be watchful about car activity in the neighborhood.  Two mailboxes damaged by cars due to icy roads.

Covenant Control-Mark Weidner discussed the two most prevalent CCC concerns being parking & animal issues.  He explained the results of the recent tours.  The process for calling in covenant concerns, and responded to Home Owner questions & concerns.

Forestry Mitigation-Mark Weidner gave details on the upcoming Beetle Inspection, to be conducted the week of April14th, actual day weather permitting.  An opt out postcard to be returned/ with that homeowner responsible for having a qualified inspection of their property & the result of that inspection, returned by written report, to the Forestry Committee by Forest@BTPOA.net.

Mitigation report-Mark indicated a high level of volunteer mitigation by homeowners in 2013, following recent Black Forest fire. He expressed Home Owners need to be vigilant about combustible-distances surrounding their homes.

Architectural Committee-Meeting prior to the Board Meeting, February 18th 2014 at 6 P.M.

John Heiser asked for a Motion to accept Steve Furmann & Greg Davis as Election Officials in the event the meeting required an official vote.

Motion was made by Chuck Loeffler.  Second by Dave Whitman.  Unanimous Approval.

Water & Engineering-Bob Hostetler explained the process of documenting individual properties outside watering usage.  He explained the Great Divide Water Company acceptance of  reducing our contribution to the The Capital Improvement Budget for maintenance or replacement of the Community Wells.  Aquifer Viability was discussed.  Record keeping on outdoor water usage continues to meet the Colorado Department of Water Resource requirement.


Financial Report-John Heiser presented, verbally, the 2014 BTPOA Budget, detailing the individual changes from the 2013 Final Budget.  He explained the Greg Davis was putting together a Reserve Study.  A discussion of Capital Improvement needs.  Monument improvement was discussed to improve the neighborhood affect.  The Board will research costs and highest need for improvements.

A Motion to accept the 2014 BTPOA Budget was made by Bob Hostetler.  A second by Steve Furman.  Unanimous Acceptance.

John Heiser explained the Variance Procedure, changing the By Laws.  The prevalent need for granting a Homeowners a Variance, being Significant Need or Hardship and the process of meeting established criteria for that justification.


JOHN HEISER-John announced his resignation from his position as President and Board Member, to be Effective following this meeting.  He discussed his honor of presiding over the BTPOA and his 22 years of residence in the Bent Tree Community.  He and his Wife are wanting to retire & spend time together in a new setting, and climate.

Board Members & Community Members responded with sadness and hesitation to accept his resignation.  A hearty discussion ensued with multiple accolades from many members.

A standing ovation ensued.

A motion to accept John Heiser’s Resignation, was reluctantly made by Greg Davis.  A second was made by Matt Dunston.  Unanimously, but reluctantly accepted.


A motion to adjourn was made by Matt Dunston.  A second by Greg Davis.  Unanimous Approval.

Chuck Loeffler was elected to fill the open spot on the board, by Acclamation.  Unanimous Acceptance.


Deb Guillan, Secretary BTPOA

Board Approved the Draft of Minutes after corrections.

Feb. 18, 2014