ACC meeting minutes December 05, 2013

1)                  Mark, Matt, and Ron met at the Village Inn in Monument.

2)                  Lot #17, 17160 Colonial Park Dr.  John Heiser attended  to explain application for fence around solar panels, the application was approved as submitted.   John also talked about policy and procedures for ACC.

3)                  Had a discussion about what should be in the policy and procedures.

4)                   Ron will attend board meeting to check out additional room in building.    

5)                  Lot #85, 1420 Regal Glen Ct.,  Application for 6 foot privacy fence. The application was approved as submitted.

6)                  Lot #221, 18025 Bankhurst Ct., Application to allow Tri-lakes Fire Station #2 to extend septic leech field onto their property.  No structures are involved.   Application was approved as submitted.

7)                  Lot #129, 17215 Colonial Park Dr.,  Application for tree mitigation.  Application was approved as submitted.