Bent Tree Property Owner’s Association

Special Board Meeting-Friday, November 1, 2013

Meeting called to order at 6:38 p.m. at The Monument Sanitation District Office.


Board: John Heiser, President; Matt Dunston, Patrick Quinlan, Greg Davis, Directors; Deb Guillan, Secretary; Administrator: Traci Silverberg, Independent Contractor; CCC Chair Mark Weidner, CCC members Jim Rios and Bill Smith; Communications Committee Chair Steve Furman; Property Owner Paul Huberty.

Quorum: Four board members present.

Motion: Accept Agenda. Made by Matt Dunston.  Seconded by Greg Davis. Unanimous approval.

Motion: Excuse Patrick Quinlan’s absence. Made by Matt Dunston. Seconded by Greg Davis.  Unanimous approval.

Covenant Enforcement Procedures Discussion:

Traci Silverberg is to input information into Google docs and the Excel spreadsheets and send letters to property owners.   

First communication of a potential violation will be by a phone call using a check list that gives information and guidance to the homeowner.  A time frame is set to resolve issue. 

Traci Silverberg to send a letter summarizing the issue and timelines as discussed by phone.

If there is inadequate response to the first letter, a second letter is sent and the Board is notified.

If there is inadequate response to the second letter, a hearing is scheduled with at least 10 days’ notice.

Accelerate the CCC Process when violations warrant immediate control and resolution such as when the safety of the community is involved as with open burning of combustible materials.

Normal lens setting photos are to be included to determine how infractions would appear to the normal eye view. Greg Davis presented photos showing violations with and without telephoto setting.

CCC to develop standards for operation after they gain more experience.

A written variance procedure is needed for homeowners with hardships.  There was a general discussion of how variances are to be addressed and how neighbors should be notified of variance applications.

Future Meeting Schedule: Regular Board Meetings November 12th and December10th.

Annual Budget Meeting; February 13, 2014

Summary of Action Items- Mark Weidner and Bill Smith will prepare spreadsheets, line item complaints from the tour violations, schedule tour for November with Traci Silverberg.  Prepare check list for phone calls regarding potential violation.

Motion to Adjourn:  Move by Matt Dunston. Seconded by Gregg.  Unanimous approval.


Minutes prepared by Deb Guillan, Secretary, November 2, 2013.

Revised by John Heiser, President, November 12, 2013.

Submitted for approved by the Board November 12, 2013