Bent Tree Property Owner’s Association

October Board Meeting-Oct. 8, 2013

Meeting called to order at 6 p.m. at The Monument Sanitation District Office. Quorum Established.


Board: John Heiser, President; Matt Dunston, Director; Patrick Quinlan, Vice President; Greg Davis, Director; Deb Guillan, Secretary;  Administrator: Traci Silverberg, Independent Contractor; CCC Co-Chairs Jane King and Jim Maser; Water Augmentation and Engineering Committee Chair Bob Hostetler; Property Owners Chuck Loeffler, Penny Gibson.

Motion: Change agenda to accommodate attorney’s time. Motion by Greg.  Second by Patrick. Unanimous approval.

Beautification & Trails Committee - Chair Leslie Valdez gave a report and presented a reimbursement request from Al Thaut for $56.46 for entrance maintenance materials.   Motion by Deb to pay.  Second by MattUnanimous approval.

General Discussion regarding to vehicle parking covenant enforcement alternatives with CCC members and property owners.

Motion: To go to Executive Session with Attorney Steve Lebel. Motion by Matt.  Second by Greg.  John Heiser abstained from vote.  Four votes for approval.

Executive Session-

General Discussion-Steve Lebel presented thoughts from the Executive Session.  Greg Davis presented CCC guidelines regarding vehicles being “readily visible from public streets” to CCC.

Motion for the board to accept temporary CCC Guidelines.  Motion by Patrick.  Second by Matt. John Heiser abstained from vote.  Four votes for approval.

Motion to develop potential changes to the Rules and Regulations to allow for vehicle parking variances. Motion by Deb.  Second by Matt.   Unanimous approval.

Motion to schedule Special Meeting to discuss potential changes to the Rules and Regulations.  Motion by Patrick. Second by Matt.  Unanimous approval. Meeting scheduled for October 14, 2013 (subsequently rescheduled to October 22, 2013).

Minutes Approved for the September 10, 2013 Special Meeting.  Motion to approve by Greg.  Seconded by Matt.  Unanimous approval.

ACC Report-Matt provided a short report.

Committee Reports

a)     Beautification, Trails & Roads - Deb, liaison,  presented upcoming work day for repairing water damaged walking trails

b)     Communications, Directory & Web Site: None

c)      Covenant Compliance: See above.

d)     Engineering & Water Augmentation: Bob Hostetler discussed upcoming meeting with Great Divide Water Company and potential for reduced reserve fund requirement.

e)     Forest Management - None

f)       Neighborhood Watch - None

g)     Welcoming – Board acknowledged Rae Jean and Wayne Claybaugh’s work on the committee and noted that they have resigned.  Explore how to fill this position.

h)     Record Keeping - None


Treasurer’s Report-John Heiser presented Financial Report, status of assessment payments.  A motion was approved to pay the Anderson, Dude, & Lebel Invoice. Traci Silverberg’s first invoice was approved for $501.

Future Meetings-

Special Meeting Monday, October 14th, 6 P.M. , Monument Sanitation District Office

November Board Meeting, November 12, 2013 6 P.M. Monument Sanitation District Office

Adjournment.  Motion by Greg.  Second by Matt.  Unanimous approval at 10 P.M.


Minutes prepard by Deb Guillan, Secretary, October 21, 2013.

Revised by John Heiser, President, October 22, 2013.

Approved by the Board October 22, 2013