ACC meeting minutes October 2, 2013

1)                  Matt and Ron met at the Village Inn in Monument, Mark called in for part of the meeting.

2)                  This was Matt's first meeting as a member of the ACC.

3)                  Lot #61, 850 Pebble Creek Ct.,  Resident wants to create earthen berm on highway side of property.   Part of berm will be on neighboring property, with neighbors consent.  Need to confirm, also need an application from owner.

4)                   Lot #116, 17150 Colonial Park.,  Replace windows and doors.  Approved as submitted.

5)                   Lot #69, 1460 Royal Crest Ct.  Replace wood shingles with asphalt shingles.  Approved as submitted.

6)                  Lot #191, 17230 Colonial Park Dr., Re-grade driveway.  Approved as submitted.

7)                  Lot #191, 17230 Colonial Park Dr., Tree mitigation, used tri-Lakes for consultation.  Approved as submitted.

8)                  Lot #114, 17050 Colonial Park Dr.,  Add 14 x 16 foot storage shed.  Approved as submitted.