ACC meeting minutes June 19, 2013

1)                  Mark and Ron at the Village Inn in Monument. 

2)                  Lot #154, 1125 Cambrook Court.  Application to replace roof.   Approved as submitted.

3)                  Lot #15, 17765 Merryhill Court.  Application to place large rock by driveway.   Approved as submitted.  

4)                  Visited lot #46 to discuss putting in a new fence.  Owner decided not to put in the fence.

5)                  Lot #74, 17565 Charter Pines Drive.   Application for landscaping, new patio with fire pit, new sidewalk.  Approved as submitted.

6)                  Lot #38, 17740 Charter Pines Drive.  Application to repaint house.   Approved as submitted. 

7)                  Visited lot #132, 17245 to discuss possible variance for new building.  Owner has not submitted an application, visit was information only.