March 12, 2013

Monument Sanitation Office, 103 2nd Street, Monument

Meeting commenced at 6:05 pm

Agenda was approved by a motion from Wayne Claybaugh and approved.

Reviewed minutes from February 12 2013 board meeting and 2-21,2013 budget meeting. Motion to approve by Matt Dunston to approve was carried.

Proposed revisions to the BTPOA rules and regulations Minor changes were suggested by Mark Wester. Matt Dunston motioned to approve and Wayne Claybaugh seconded. The motion was approved.

Steve Fuhrman present regarding the Wildfire Mitigation efforts and a letter will be sent out to homeowners and be put on the website.

John Heiser made the Treasurer's report that 10 properties still have not paid dues for 2013. John will send out additional collection letters.

Duane Hatch made a motion to approve and pay Mandi Roehrich her bill, and was seconded by Matt Dunston and approved.

Motion to reimburse Patrick Quinlan $63. was made by Matt Dunston and seconded by Duane Hatch.

Future meeting schedule will be April 9 at 6:00 pm ( rescheduled to April 16) and the Annual Homeowners meeting on September19, 2013 at 6:30 pm.

Meeting was adjourned with motion by Duane Fitch and was carried.