Monument Sanitation District Office, 130 2nd St., Monument

6:02 pm Meeting called to order by John Heiser, President. Also in attendance, Wayne Claybaugh, Matt Dunston, Patrick Quinlan, Duane Fitch, Jane King, Bo Jordan, Dave Whitman, Herb Wetzel, Leslie Velez, and Eddie Velez.   )

Leslie Velez and Jane King said they have monitored EI Paso county workers on Bent Tree easements to make sure any damages are corrected. Also some residents want Higby entrances lighted by replacing nonfunctioning solar lamps. $4,000. Has been budgeted in 2013 for Trail and entrance beautification. Leslie Velez will research cost of AC and solar application.

Wildfire Mitigation Committee Chairs Bo Jordan and Dave Whitman want to introduce a program at the Budget meeting on February 21 for mailings at $2.00 per lot per year for a certified "Firewise Community" recognized by the NFPA. Also suggested was rental of a Chipper one day each year to clear cuttings from tree trims.

Duane Fitch motioned to adapt additions to a list of policies which included a change in Board of Director's voting on recommendations from the Covenant Compliance Committee and Architectural Control Committee. Motion failed to pass. A new motion by Wayne Claybaugh to ask John Heiser for a revised draft of the proposal to be voted upon at the next meeting. Matt Dunston seconded and was approved with one abstention.

Herb Wetzel Chair of the Neighborhood Watch Committee reported a speeding Cadillac. A suggestion to feed the information to Steve Fuhrman's email owners publication.

A motion by Wayne Claybaugh and second by Matt Dunston was made to approve the minutes of the January 12 meeting.

Motion by Wayne Claybaugh to limit time for presenting ideas or opinions at meeting to five minutes to be monitored by a hour glass timer given by Wayne. Matt Dunston seconded and motion passed with one abstention.

A motion to keep the contract rate for Mandi Roehrich at the current rate for three months and review after that was made by Wayne Claybaugh and seconded by Patrick Quinlan.

$520.74 was approved to Mandi Roehrich by motion from Matt Dunston and Wayne Claybaugh seconded.

$231.83 was to be reimbursed to John Heiser for supplies along with $27.00 for postage. Motion to approve by Patrick Quinlan, Matt Dunston seconded'.

$318.11 to reimburse Steve Fuhrman for supplies for mailings was approved.

Motion to adjourn was made by Wayne Claybaugh and seconded by Patrick Quinlan