January 8, 2013

Monument Sanitation Office, 103 2nd Street, Monument

Meeting commenced at 6:05 pm

In attendance, John Heiser, Duane Fitch, Wayne Claybaugh, Matt Dunston, Patrick Quinlan; Jane King and Jim Maser from the CCC; Bob Brown from the ACC; Steve Fuhrmann from records and communication.

Agenda was approved by a motion from Patrick Quinlan and second by Duane Fitch. The meeting then went into executive session to discuss a Covenant Compliance matter.

After the executive session was concluded the Board was asked to approve Ben Jordan as Chair for Fire Mitigation and Steve Fuhrmann discussed a Western boundary Fire Mitigation.

ACC Chair Bob Brown reported no activity.

Bob Hostetler reported water augmentation of 5.647 million gallons compared with 5.703 million gallons last year, a slight reduction of water usage. There were 20 continuing water meters with 4 people going over maximum usage however only marginally. Last year, the State sent 2 homeowners letters for overage, and this has had a good response so far. One lot is still not responding and a recommendation that Mandi Roehrich send a letter. Also new owner letters from Rae Jean Claybaugh will highlight water use requirements having sent out three new welcome packages last month.  The Great Divide Annual Meeting suggested the current reserve account is growing and contributions may be reduced in the future. The reserve account now totals over $200,000 however funds for new pumps or repairs may be necessary.

$394. To Mandi Roehrich for 15.5 hours of work was unanimously approved by motion from Duane Fitch and second from Matt Dunston. Also a recommendation to review Mandi's hourly billing was discussed.

December 11, 2012 minutes were unanimously approved with motion by Duane Fitch and second by Wayne Claybaugh.

$100. Was approved for refreshments at the February 21', 2013 Annual Budget. Patrick Quinlan agreed to purchase the refreshments, deliver, and be reimbursed later.

Meeting was adjourned with motion by Duane Fitch and second by Patrick Quinlan