Bent Tree Property Owners Association
Board of Directors Meeting

November 21, 2012

Monument Sanitation Office, 103 2nd Street, Monument

Meeting commenced at 6:05pm

In attendance, Board Members John Heiser, Wayne Claybaugh, Duane Fitch, Matt Dunston, and Patrick Quinlan. Also CCC co chairs Jane King and Jim Maser. Later property owner Mark Worthy attended.

Agenda was unanimously approved after motion by Wayne Claybaugh and second by Duane Fitch

Minutes of the October 10, 2012 meeting approved with minor revisions. Duane Fitch motions for approval and Wayne Claybaugh seconded.

September 13, 2012 minutes approved. Duane Fitch motioned, Wayne Claybaugh seconded.

Discussion regarding approvals of projects by the ACC, with continuing CCC monitoring of the approval by at least one of the chairs plus Board liaison Duane Fitch. John Heiser suggested that the CCC letter containing 'approval' cannot be given by CCC because there was not a behavior to judge compliance. Further clarification was an action item for Duane Fitch and the CCC.

Regarding the ongoing situation for lot #112 Mark Worthy owner, who is renting the property at 17015 Viscount Court. Mr. Worthy was in attendance stating that he met with Bob Brown, ACC chair, and the problem of concealing the oversize truck and illegal access was discussed.

Wayne Claybaugh mentioned that the problem has been ongoing for about 15 months and the board needs action within 2 weeks to avoid any other penalties. Wayne said there must be 4 items to be addressed. 1.) Truck parking 2.) Trash removal 3.) Ingress illegally off Viscount 4.) Resolution in timely fashion

Matt Dunston offered to help Mr. Worthy in finding a contractor and drawing plans for truck storage. A timeline of ACC approval of the plans by December 5 was accepted by Mr. Worthy. CCC review and monitoring would also be done at that time. Construction to start 2"d week of December and finished by the 3rd week of December.

A request is made of Leslie Velez for a 2013 budget proposal for trail improvements ( Higby trail road ) by December 2012.

Water Augmentation report by Bob Hostetler was also requested for December 2012.

An e mail will be sent regarding Wildfire Mitigation to Bent Tree Property Owners describing suggestions from Captain John Vincent.

A $56.64 invoice from Bob Hostetler for Water Augmentation mailings was approved by the board with motion from Wayne Claybaugh and second by Duane Fitch.

Action items. John Heiser to make agenda for Board December meeting and suggests e mails for monthly distribution describing Board activates and suggestions from Property Owners.

Meeting was adjourned with motion from Wayne Claybaugh and second by Duane Fitch.