ACC meeting minutes November 07, 2012

1)                  Bob, Ron, and Mark met at board Village Inn in Monument.  Jane King and Duane Fitch joined the meeting to discuss CCC issues.

2)                  Include the CCC when sending out the minutes and ACC action log.

3)                  Decided the ACC should make the monthly updates to the website (monthly ACC minutes and updates to the action log)  Will need postcodes to do this.

4)                  ACC needs to update policies and procedures with steps to handle violations.

5)                  Bob will write a letter to the CCC containing summary of correspondence with 17015 Viscount Ct. (lot #112).   After talking multiple times with the owner nothing has been resolved.   Lot has vehicle parking violations and trash on the lot. 

6)                  Discussed 17310 Charter Pines., lot #83.  Mailbox pillars have been repaired without submitting an application.  Decided that no action will be taken.

7)                  Checked for inquiry from 17820 Queensmere about parking violations, there was none.   Also checked for inquiry from 17905 Queensmere about parking, there was an inquiry in July but no follow-up. 

8)                  Tent on Lot#16, 1075 Scottswood Drive, was removed.  Potential issue has been resolved.

9)                  17740 Charter Pines. Dr, Lot #38.  Application for new roof (asphalt shingles) was approved as submitted.

10)               17020 Viscount Ct., Lot #107 Application for new roof (asphalt shingles) was approved as submitted.

11)               17330 Colonial Park Dr. Lot #183.  Application for split rail fence at rear of house was approved as submitted.