OCTOBER 10, 2012


Commenced Meeting at 6:05pm

1.) The agenda was unanimously approved.

2.) Directors in attendance John Heiser,Wayne Claybaugh,Duane Fitch, Matt Dunston, Patrick Quinlan. Chairperson of the Beautification Committee Leslie Velez and later Chairperson of the Covenant Compliance Committee Jane King.  Wayne Claybaugh requests that his prior approval be given before being voted for office ( Vice President )

3.) Committee Reports.

Beautification of Trails report by Leslie Valez. October 13, trail and entry improvements from 8 am to 12 noon scheduled. Email sent to Bent Tree points of owner contacts through Steve Fuhrmann file notifying owners who can participate in the improvements ( mowing, trim trees, cut dead bushes and trees and pull weeds ) on October 13.  Bid for Higby trail repairs was authorized for Ignacio Martinez referred by Matt Dunston.  Budget for Trail improvement to be discussed in 2013 budget, also with a plan for each year.

Forestry Committee liaison Wayne Claybaugh reports that Diane Figgins has removed a diseased tree at her own expense and the 256 out of 257 total Bent Tree lots have been inspected either by the Forest Service, an approved certified Tree Company, or owner has approval and proof of certification satisfactory to Forest Chair John Anderson.  $270. inspection expense was approved for lot inspection expense for pine beetles or other diseased trees. Unanimously approved by Board 5-0.

Covenant Compliance Chair Jane King reported that Jim Maser is her new co chair and the other members of the Compliance Committee are Debbie Munce!, Chuck Loeffler with the new contract administrative support person Mandi Roehrich. At least one Compliance tour will be scheduled per month with at least 3 persons on the committee doing the tour. Patrick Quinlan and Matt Dunston agreed to attend at least one tour .  A motion by John Heiser that Duane Fitch become the Covenant Compliance Committee liaison (at the request of Chair Jane King ) and was seconded by Wayne Claybaugh .The motion passed 3 votes for and Matt Dunston and Duane Fitch abstaining with the understanding that the issue will be reviewed after the results from the community regarding input of views for improvements regarding the Covenant Compliance Committee with results to be discussed by the Board. Patrick Quinlan to compose a survey letter to be approved by the Board and e mailed to all residents with responses due no later than the February 21st Budget meeting and signed by the legal lot owner.  A motion by Wayne Claybaugh to approve this survey and seconded by Matt Dunston was unanimously approved 5-0.  Also unanimously approved by the Board and by Chair Jane King, was that previously ACC approved projects would not be subjects of violations by the Covenant Control Committee.

Neighborhood Watch Liaison Duane Fitch had nothing new to report.

Welcoming Committee Liaison Wayne Claybaugh reports that Chair Rae Jean Claybaugh has sent letters to new residents and entered their names on the Bent Tree directory web site.

4.) Treasurer John Heiser presented the 2012 Balance Sheet Budget and stated that the current $85,000. is a reasonable amount of reserves to address unexpected costs.  A current surplus of $2,700. is in the checking account to cover expenses for the remainder of the year.

$91.97 expense spent by Matt Dunston for the annual meeting was unanimously approved for reimbursement .

$403.90 expense payable to Accountable Bookkeeping Emily for training Mandi Roehrich. Motion made for approval by Wayne Claybaugh, seconded by Duane Hatch,approved 5-0.

$235.62 expense to Ignacio Martinez for landscaping. Wayne Claybaugh motion to approve, second by Duane Hatch,5-0 Board approval.

$100.71 reimburse expense to John Heiser for office supplies and ink. Duane Hatch motion to approve, seconded Wayne Claybaugh,5-0 Board