ACC meeting minutes October 3, 2012

1)                  Bob and Ron met at board Village Inn in Monument, Mark called in for part of the meeting.

2)                  Discuss lot 110, 17075 Viscount Ct.  Do they have approval for remodeling?

3)                  Lot #231,  1320 Ambergate Court.  Discuss what to do about high school sign.

4)                  Ron will send reply to Mandi to answer her questions.

5)                  17060 Viscount Cr. Lot #109.  Application for new deck and patio was approved.  Required more detail on the fireplace with spark arrester.

6)                  1315 Ambergate Ct.  Lot #240.  Application for new shed was approved as submitted.

7)                  17855 Queensmere Drive. Lot #243.  Application for new deck was approved as submitted.

8)                  17715 Barrington Court.  Lot #19.  Application to replace garage door was approved as submitted.

9)                  1340 Embassy Court,  Lot #102.  Application to expand leach field capacity was approved as submitted.

10)               17135 Colonial Park Drive, Lot #121.  Application to paint and stucco house was approved as submitted.