Property Owners’ Association

Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes

July 11, 2012

Monument Sanitation District Office, 130 2nd St., Monument

Commence Meeting at 6 p.m.

Meeting called to order at 6:10 pm by John Heiser

Board Members Present were John Heiser, Duane Fitch, Wayne Claybaugh, Matt Dunston and Jane King


1)        Approval of the agenda – Duane Fitch made motion to approve agenda (noting that any committee chairs present we would move up their topics earlier in the agenda), seconded by Jane King, all in favor.

a)      Beautification, Trails & Roads:  Leslie Velez, Committee Chair, gave update on 105 & Scottswood entry project.  The committee has spent all but approximately $2 of original amount approved by Board.  A proposal on additional estimated costs was presented by Leslie and she detailed what was still needed to finish the project.  They need additional rock for both sides of the road on Scottswood as they also want to fill in the rock area on the SW corner.   When Leslie mentioned where they were buying the rock, Matt Dunston indicated they could use his company account and would probably get his discount.  A motion was made by Wayne Claybaugh to approve an additional $1,500 on the project and this was seconded by Matt Dunston.  Jane King abstained from voting.  The other Board members all voted in favor of the additional $1,500.

2)        Resident remarks, if any, on topics not on the agenda - none

3)        Excuse absences, if any - none

4)        Review/approve June 13, 2012 board meeting minutes – motion made by Matt Dunston to approve minutes, seconded by Wayne Claybaugh, all in favor.

a)      Forest Management – John Anderson and Wayne Claybaugh gave an update on the pending issues related to forestry.  They discussed the homeowners who never responded to phone calls nor returned the cards requested.  They also discussed the homeowners that the Forestry Service found IPS or MPB and these homeowners had not met the deadline for providing proof the trees had been removed.  The Forestry Committee has two letters they will be sending out which outlines the timeframe that homeowners have to respond to their issue and detailing the potential consequences.  Wayne Claybaugh made a motion on sending letters, Matt Dunston seconded, all in favor.

5)        ACC Report, if any – ACC members in attendance were Mark, Ron & Bob.  The ACC group submitted the suggestion that for the next forestry process of checking and removing trees that the Board looks at renting a large dumpster where homeowners could take their trees that they removed.  The ACC discussed seeing many unkept properties when they were doing ACC checks and wanted to discuss what, if anything could be done about these properties.  The ACC also talked about two properties where the issues are ACC and CCC related.  In addition, the ACC said that for fire mitigation/tree removal homeowners just need to notify them and they will do the approval after the fact. 

6)        Executive Session:  (motion made by Jane King to go in to executive session at 8:10 pm, seconded by Wayne Claybaugh, approved by all.  In addition approval for Steve Fuhrmann to be present)

a)      Review/approve hearing summary letters (2) - motion by Jane King to approve 2 hearing summary letters, seconded by Wayne Claybaugh, all in favor).

b)      Hearings (2) – held two hearings where neither homeowner attended.

c)      Advice from/guidance to attorney, if any - none

d)      Review resumes for administrative assistant and plan interviews – reviewed information and chose candidates and picked date to conduct interviews.

Motion made by Jane King to come out of executive session at 8:45 pm, seconded by Duane Fitch, all in favor.

7)        Committee Reports, if any

a)      Beautification, Trails & Roads:  BOD Liaison, Matt Dunston – Leslie Velez, Chair – move to 1a.

b)      Communications, Directory & Web Site:  BOD Liaison, Wayne Claybaugh – Steve Fuhrmann, Chair – Steve Fuhrmann indicated he is working on new account names, log in, etc.  The member records are now updated with current information.  Steve is also working on getting web page up to date and including renter information for those renters who also want to receive communication. 

c)      Covenant Compliance:  Liaison, Jane King – Jane King, Chair – this was included in executive session and talks with ACC during #5.

d)      Engineering & Water Augmentation:  BOD Liaison – John Heiser – Bob Hostetler, Chair – Bob was not present but John indicated that Bob was still working on Palmer Divide water questions/issues.

e)      Forest Management:  BOD Liaison – Wayne Claybaugh – John Anderson, Chair – moved to 4a.

f)       Neighborhood Watch: BOD Liaison – Duane Fitch – Herb Wetzel, Chair – Herb Wetzel was not there and Duane Fitch was not aware of any updates.

g)      Welcoming:  BOD Liaison – Wayne Claybaugh – RaeJean Claybaugh, Chair – Wayne Claybaugh indicated they sent out 3 letters for Welcoming Committee.

8)        Treasurer’s Report

a)      Balance Sheet/2012 Budget – John Heiser passed out updated financial information.

b)      Status of 2011/2012 assessment payments – unchanged from last meeting, still 4 unpaid.

c)      Review/approve Accountable Bookkeeping Services invoice – motion made by Jane King to pay invoice $485.93, seconded by Duane Fitch, all in favor.

d)      Review/approve Anderson, Dude, and Lebel invoice, if any – none.

e)      Review/approve reimbursements and other bills, if any

                                                  i.      Motion made by Wayne Claybaugh to reimburse Leslie Velez $378.17 for material for work at 105 & Scottswood entrance, seconded by Jane King, all in favor.

                                                ii.      Motion made by Matt Dunston to reimburse Bill Uhde $222.50 for material for work at 105 & Scottswood entrance, seconded by Wayne Claybaugh, all in favor.

                                              iii.      Motion made by Jane King to reimburse John Anderson $297.43 for forestry committee work, seconded by Wayne Claybaugh, all in favor.

                                              iv.      Motion made by Duane Fitch to reimburse Wayne Claybaugh $45 for stamps purchased for forestry committee mailings, seconded by Jane King, all in favor.

                                                v.      Motion made by Wayne Claybaugh to reimburse Steve King $21.78 for material purchased for water supply lines on 105 & Scottswood project, seconded by Matt Dunston, all in favor with Jane King abstaining from vote.

                                              vi.      Motion made by Jane King to pay Colorado State Forest $1,350 for inspection, seconded by Matt Dunston, all in favor.

                                            vii.      Motion made by Wayne Claybaugh to pay Monument Sanitation District $15 for meetings, seconded by Matt Dunston, all in favor.

9)        Future Meeting Schedule:

a)      Annual meeting: Sept. 13, 6:30 pm, YMCA – John Heiser reserved YMCA for meeting.

b)      Regular board meetings (2nd Wednesday, 6 pm, Monument Sanitation District): Aug. 15, Sep. 12, Oct. 10, Nov. 14, Dec. 12

10)    Any other business

11)    Summary of action items

12)    Adjournment – motion made by Jane King to adjourn at 9:00 pm, seconded by Matt Dunston, all in favor.


Submitted by Jane King, Secretary                                                      July 24, 2012


Approved by Board