ACC meeting minutes July 11, 2012

1)                  Mark, Bob, and Ron met at board of directors meeting in Monument.

2)                  Approve request for lot 16, 1075 Scottswood, tree mitigation.

3)                  Approve request for lot 184, 17320 Colonial Park Drive to extend roof and deck.

4)                  Approve request for lot 77, 17445 Charter Pines, to paint house.   The request was approved but noted that owners need to send in paint samples.

5)                  Request from lot 82, 17315 Charter Pines, build fence to hide car that will be parked in driveway.   Approved as submitted.

6)                  Request from lot 37, 17760 Charter Pines, build fence and landscape for parking mitigation.  Request was approved as submitted.

7)                  Request from lot 79, 17415 Charter Pines, remove 3 trees.  Request was approved as submitted.

8)                  Request from lot 207, 1270 Merrington Court, Remove 7-8 trees.  Approved as submitted.

9)                  Approved sign for lot 231, 1320 Ambergate Court.

10)               ACC had discussion about fire mitigation, approved all requests for tree removal.

11)               Had a discussion about curb appeal and general yard maintenance.  Covenants require that lots are kept in decent condition.

12)               Had a discussion about parking mitigation and what is acceptable.

13)               Lot 127, 17195 Colonial Park Drive, has a difficult parking situation and will require more discussion.