ACC meeting minutes April 4, 2012

1)            ACC did not meet on the  first Wednesday in March

2)            Bob, Mark,  Ron, and Pedro met on Wednesday April 4, at the Village Inn restaurant in Monument.  

3)            Lot #182, 17340 Colonial Park Dr. approved application to  add wooden swing set, structure will   not be within 40 feet of property line.

4)            Lot #50, 17850 Radbourne Court, approved application to add elevator in corner of house.   The footprint of the house will not change.


5)            Lot #28, 1255 Scottswood Drive, approve application for new roof, roof will be a metal material that looks similar to asphalt shingles.


6)            Lot #14, 17755 Merryhill Court, approve request to paint exterior of house.  Colors were presented, owner will submit the application.


6)            Discuss request to add firepit to deck.  If it is wood burning, it must have a spark arrestor.


7)            Had discussion of proper actions for covenant violations on lot #53, Mark will send note to owners.


8)            Pedro Canellas will resign as voting member of the ACC and Bob Brown will be appointed by Mark as an ACC voting member.