Property Owners’ Association

Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes

November 8, 2011

Monument Sanitation District Office, 130 2nd St., Monument

Commence Meeting at 6 p.m.

Board Members present were John Heiser, Jane King, Wayne Claybaugh, Duane Fitch and Matt Dunston

John Heiser called meeting to order at 6 pm


1)        Approval of the agenda – motion made by Duane Fitch to approve agenda, seconded by Wayne Claybaugh, all in favor.

2)        Resident remarks, if any, on topics not on the agenda - None

3)        Excuse absences, if any - None

4)        Review/approve October 11, 2011 meeting minutes – sentence needs to be added about Board approving named individuals to Beautification, Trails & Roads Committee.  Duane Fitch made motion to approve minutes as amended, seconded by Wayne Claybaugh, all in favor.

5)        Engineering & Water Augmentation:  BOD Liaison – John Heiser – Bob Hostetler, Chair – Bob reviewed information on report submitted to Water Engineer and all necessary parties.   We will have 240 lots that will need to be included on paperwork – i.e. have homes built and water usage.   Bob passed out other information on issues relating to this committee to include lots without declarations, lots with irrigation but without maps or schedules and lots with revised irrigation but no revised maps or schedules.   Bob is going to come to the December, 2011 Board meeting and report to the Board any residents for board action that (1) are "overages" from water year 2011 who have not provided confirmation in writing of a plan to avoid the problem in 2012, and (2) owe us a map of irrigation and have not provided it.

6)        ACC Report, if any -None

7)        Review/approve hearing summary letters (0)

8)        Executive Session:

a)      Hearings (0)

b)      Advice from attorney, if any - None

9)        Committee Reports, if any

a)      Beautification, Trails & Roads:  BOD Liaison, Matt Dunston – Leslie Velez, Chair – Matt Dunston still has action item from October, 2011 Board meeting to contact Leslie Velez and go over ideas for Scottswood & 105 entrance. 

b)      Communications, Directory & Web Site:  BOD Liaison, Wayne Claybaugh – Steve Fuhrmann, Chair – Discussed changes in Google Docs and issues created by those and also the fact that John Heiser set Google Docs back to the way it had been set up before.  Wayne Claybaugh needs to change the database and upload files.

c)      Covenant Compliance:  Liaison, Jane King – Jane King, Chair – Jane King wanted to make sure Matt Dunston had received all the email communication that had been sent out as a result of action items from the October, 2011 Board meeting.   From that meeting Matt had action items to help address an issue.

d)      Forest Management:  BOD Liaison – Wayne Claybaugh – John Anderson, Chair – Wayne Claybaugh read a draft of a letter that John Anderson wants to send out.  John will be at the 11/15/2011 Special Board meeting to provide input on the Forest section of the Rules & Regulations. 

e)      Neighborhood Watch & Welcoming:  BOD Liaison – Wayne Claybaugh – RaeJean Claybaugh, Chair – Two more homeowners have moved to Bent Tree and RaeJean is working on welcome packets which will include information on water that Bob Hostetler will provide. 


10)    Treasurer’s Report

a)      Balance Sheet/2011 Budget – John Heiser passed out updated financial information.   The Board decided that $10,000 would be pulled from the CD at renewal time and put in to working capital.  The rest from the CD would be put back in to another CD.

b)      Status of 2011 assessment payments – Motion made by Jane King to hand over long standing issue to attorney, seconded by Wayne Claybaugh, all in favor.

c)      Hearings and Fines – Matt Dunston still has action item from October, 2011 Board meeting to contact homeowners on past due balances and try to get these collected.

d)      Review/approve Accountable Bookkeeping Services invoice – Motion made by Jane King to approve payment of invoice from ABS, seconded by Wayne Claybaugh, all in favor.

e)      Review/approve Anderson, Dude, and Lebel invoice, if any – Motion made by Jane King to approve payment of legal invoice, seconded by Matt Dunston, all in favor.

f)       Review/approve reimbursements and other bills, if any – Motion made by Wayne Claybaugh to approve reimbursement to John Heiser for certified letter mailing and other BTPOA business charges, seconded by Matt Dunston, all in favor.

g)      Beautification, Trails & Roads expenses – Board had previously approved this via email and motion made by Duane Fitch to officially approve, seconded by Jane King, all in favor.

11)    Review/approve proposed changes to the BTPOA Rules and Regulations - Postponed to Special Meeting 11/15/11.

12)    Future Meeting Schedule:

a)      Budget meeting: Feb. 16, 6:30 pm, YMCA – John Heiser emailed YMCA to book room for this meeting.

b)      Regular board meetings (2nd Tuesday, 6 pm, Monument Sanitation District): Dec. 13, Jan. 10, Feb. 14, Mar. 13, Apr. 10, May 8, Jun. 12, Jul. 10, Aug. 14, Sep. 11, Oct. 9

13)    Any other business

14)    Summary of action items

a)      Matt Dunston to contact Leslie Velez on Beautification, Trails & Roads Committee ideas for Scottswood & 105 entrance.  Jane King provided contact information for Leslie to Matt on 11/9/2011.

b)      Matt Dunston to follow up on CCC action item from prior Board meeting and review email communication with history on issue.  Jane King provided additional information to Matt on 11/9/2011.

c)      Matt Dunston to follow up on Hearing and Fine action items (3 homeowners) from prior Board meeting and to try and collect the past due balances.

d)      Jane King to develop an Excel spreadsheet for tracking hearings, fines, notices, items requiring action, etc. so there is a standard process for documentation and follow up on issues.

e)      John Heiser will put together follow up on issue being turned over to attorney and submit information to attorney for action.

f)       Jane King has a continued action item from October, 2011 meeting to finalize CCC process.

15)    Adjournment – Motion made by Wayne Claybaugh to adjourn at 8:05 pm, seconded by Duane Fitch, all in favor.


Submitted by Jane King, Secretary                                                      November 2, 2011

Approved by Board                                                                             December 13, 2011