Bent Tree Property Owners’ Association, Inc.

P.O. Box 2631, Monument, Colorado 80132-2631,

2011 Annual Meeting Minutes

Thursday, September 15, 2011, 6:30 p.m.


Since we have many items to cover, with the exception of those giving reports, all other speakers will be limited to two (2) minutes each. No one will be allowed to speak a second time on a topic until all who want to speak on the topic have had a chance to speak.

1)      Determination of Quorum – determination of quorum made by Steve Fuhrmann. Sixty-three lots were represented in person or by proxy at the meeting.

2)      Call to Order, Introductions, Conduct of the Meeting – John Heiser – called meeting to order at 6:39 pm.

3)      Motions to approve the agenda and accept the election officials – John Heiser- motion made to approve agenda by Duane Fitch, seconded by Wayne Claybaugh, all in favor.   Motion made to accept election officials who were Jim Maser and Steve Fuhrman, made by Wayne Claybaugh, seconded by Duane Fitch, all in favor. 

4)      Review/Approve Minutes from the February 17, 2011 Budget Meeting – John Heiser –motion made by Duane Fitch to approve minutes from 2/17/11, seconded by Debbi Maser, all in favor.

5)      ACC Report – Mark Wester- let homeowners know that he has boxes of plans for homes that were submitted to the ACC and on Sunday September 18, 2011 Mark wanted homeowners to come by and go through the boxes and take the plans for their home.  Any plans not picked up are going to be thrown out.   Mark let everyone know the ACC meets the first Wednesday of every month at 7 pm at Village Inn.   The ACC is a resource for homeowners.   The ACC is working on an online application that would be mainly web based.

6)      ACC Election – John Heiser
Fill one 3-year position currently occupied by ACC Chair Mark Wester. The new term ends at the 2014 Annual Meeting. – Mark Wester was the only homeowner up for election to this position and a motion was made by Duane Fitch to elect Mark to another term, seconded by Matt Dunston, all in favor.

7)      Board of Directors Election – John Heiser
Fill one 3-year position currently occupied by Mike Mastrodonato. The new term ends at the 2014 Annual Meeting.  – Mike Mastrodonato announced he would not be willing to run for another term after all.   Only one homeowner volunteered to fill the position and that was Matt Dunston.  Motion made by Wayne Claybaugh to elect Matt opposition, seconded by David Hollenbach, all in favor.

8)      Discussion of Vehicle Parking Vote – John Heiser- John gave an overview on the parking vote results. The results are posted on the BTPOA website.

9)      Committee Reports

a)      Beautification and Trails – Mike Mastrodonato and Leslie Velez- Mike introduced Leslie Velez, the new chair of the Beautification and Trails committee. Leslie encouraged those interested in helping with Beautification and Trails to sign up for the committee.

b)     Covenant Compliance – John Heiser and Jane King – John and Jane reviewed CCC and where it stands and suggestions for how the CCC can work with homeowners who need to implement appropriate vehicle screening. John cited improvements in the tone of the letters being sent and the development of a CCC procedures manual. Jane noted the importance of coordination of CCC and ACC activities. Property owners were encouraged to join the CCC

c)      Directory and Website – Wayne Claybaugh – Wayne indicated that the directory is updated now and will be updated at least one time a year.   Steve Fuhrman provided directory access information.

d)     Water Augmentation – John Heiser for Bob Hostetler- Has discussion on surface water and water augmentation program and annual reporting by homeowners on water usage.  Bob Hostetler, as Chair of committee, could use help with this committee.

e)      Forest Management – John Anderson- discussed seriousness of beetle kill and the fact that the HOA pays for forest inspections to be conducted by the Colorado State Forest Service.  Homeowners were mailed cards which needed to be signed and returned giving the HOA and forest inspection staff permission to inspect properties.   Out of 257 lots, 56 did not respond and several people did follow up calls.  Eight owners said they had inspected their property and did not need an inspection. After that, there were still 48 lots that did not respond. A suggestion was made that future permission forms allow property owners to grant permission for as long as they own their properties. It was also suggested that firefighters might be willing to remove trees as part of their wildland firefighting training.

10)    Financial Report – John Heiser- reviewed financial information with homeowners present. The vehicle parking covenant change cost $6,246 in legal fees with $1,833 of that spent in 2010 and the remainder spent in 2011. The total of the CD and the working account stands at $84,480. The net deficit (income minus expenses) so far in 2011 is $6,942.

11)    Discussion of Proposed Changes to the BTPOA Rules and Regulations – John Heiser- discussed proposed changes to Rules and Regulations. Residents were encouraged to provide comments or attend the October board meeting where this will be discussed further.

a)      It was suggested that for those property owners who have no changes in irrigated area and anticipate no changes in irrigated area should not have to send in the yellow card each year.

b)     It was suggested that the sentence in offering lot-specific variances for overnight visitors staying more than two weeks should remain for situations such as caregivers and hospice workers and college students home for the summer.

c)      It was suggested that, as is done in nearby subdivisions, vehicle parking should be handled based on complaints rather than using tours.

12)    Meeting Schedule – John Heiser

a)      Annual Budget Meeting Date: Thur., Feb. 16, 2012, 6:30 p.m. (“on or about Feb. 15th”)

b)     Board Meetings: Second Tuesday of each month, 6 pm, Monument Sanitation District board room, 130 Second Street, Monument.

13)    Any Other Business

14)    Adjourn – Motion made to adjourn by Duane Fitch, seconded by Mark Wester, all in favor.

15)    A brief board meeting will held following the annual meeting – Board met briefly and tabled any discussions until next Board meeting on October 11, 2011.

16)    Education about Bent Tree for those interested – John Heiser


Minutes approved 10/11/11 by Board for presentation to the membership.

Minutes approved 9/13/12 by BTPOA membership.