ACC meeting minutes August 3, 2011

1)            Pedro, Mark and Ron attended.   Met on Wednesday August 3, at the Village Inn restaurant in Monument.  

2)            Application for Lot# 148,1140 Cambrook Ct.  Application for landscaping to screen parking.   Approved as submitted.

3)            Application for Lot# 22, 17770 Radbourne Ct., new gazebo.  will do walk through.


4)            Application for Lot# 53, 17845 Barrington Ct. to add fence.  Application was not approved pending more information about placement.


5)            Approve new real estate sign for 1330 Boldmere Ct., lot #247.

6)            Talked about application for tree removal on lot 126, 17185 Colonial Park Drive.   Only tree bigger than 4 inch diameter was infected with pine beetles.   All other trees were smaller so application was not required.

7)            Application for Lot #38, 17740 Charter Pines Drive. to remove one tree.  Approve as submitted.

8)            Discussed adding auto reply on all emails sent from the ACC address.