Property Owners’ Association

Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes

Special work Session with Covenant Compliance Committee

July 26, 2011

Monument Sanitation District Office, 130 2nd St., Monument

Commence Regular Session at 5 p.m.

Board members present: Mike Mastrodonato, John Heiser, Duane Fitch, Jane King

CCC members present:  Cris Uhlenhopp, Jim Rios and Emily Vannelli


1)        Call to order and approve agenda – Duane Fitch made motion to call to order at 5:06 pm and to approve agenda, seconded by Jane King, all in favor.

2)        Excuse absences, if any – motion made by Duane Fitch to excuse Wayne Claybaugh, seconded by Jane King, all in favor.

3)        Board business – invoice from attorney.  Motion made by Jane King to approve payment, seconded by Duane Fitch, all in favor.

4)        Review pertinent policies relating to CCC governance. – John Heiser reviewed information and stressed importance of following governing documents.   Discussion on IMP section of R&R and adding that to process manual.

5)        Give CCC Co-chairs update on legal issue (law) surrounding caregiver issue. – discussed information obtained from attorney and further steps needed on this issue.

6)        Discuss summer parking issues. – discussed importance of implementing and enforcing governing documents in place and potential legal issues arising if things are not followed.

7)        Notification timeframe. – Discussed changing timeframe on CCC notification issues and it was decided by the CCC co-chairs instead of sending letters when issue (like parking) noticed; the CCC co-chairs will assign someone to follow up within 15-20 days.  If issue still there at that point, letter will be sent out.

8)        Tour process. – Discussed having someone from the Board rotate for the first several months and participate in tours for continued guidance and clarification on governing documents.  Emily Vannelli is also available to help on tours from time to time.

9)        Review CCC Process Manual Word Document for additional modifications. – Changes will be made to add information on IMP and on how the updating of tour log will work during the month.  The CCC co-chairs still have the action item from prior meeting to work on modifying the first and second notification letters and submit for discussion with Board and Emily Vannelli.

10)    Action Items:

a)      Jane King to update certain sections of manual and have ready prior to next meeting.

b)      Cris Uhlenhopp and Jim Rios to work on CCC notification letters and make changes in structure and wording.

c)      Jane King to work on letters for Board on various pending issues (hearings, caregiver, etc).


Next meeting scheduled for August 16, 2011 at 5 pm at Monument Sanitation District Office.  This meeting is tentatively set, but will be cancelled if it is not needed.


Submitted by Jane King, Secretary                                                      July 31, 2011


Approved by Board                                                                             August 9, 2011