ACC meeting minutes July 6, 2011

1)            Mark Wester and Ron Restanio attended.  Met on Wednesday July 6 at the Village Inn restaurant in Monument.  

2)            Application for Lot# 68,1450 Royal Crest Ct.,  replace existing deck with new deck, approximately same size.  Application was approved.

3)            Application for Lot# 22, 17770 Radbourne Ct., new gazebo.  Will do walk through.


4)            Application for Lot# 116, 17150 Colonial Park Dr., Replace part of front porch, replace door and replace garage doors.   Application was approved. 


5)            Replied to inquiry about 17905 Queensmere.


6)            Approved request to put sign at lot# 247.  Line item 17 of the covenants allows real estate signs.

7)            Application for Lot #168, 1140 Cambrook Ct. Build screen to hide extra cars.  Application was submitted but any action was deferred until all members of the ACC are present.  Applicant needs to engage the CCC to ensure covenant compliance.   

8)            Reviewed John Heiser's email of June 29, 20ll.