Property Owners’ Association

Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes

October 11, 2010

Monument Sanitation District Office, 130 2nd St., Monument


Directors Duane Fitch, John Heiser, and Jane King were present.


1)        Approval of the agenda

Jane King moved to approve agenda, Duane Fitch seconded, and all were in favor.

2)        Resident remarks, if any, on topics not on the agenda

Homeowner met with ACC and then met with the board to address an outside structure for housing a non-domestic animal.

3)        Excuse absences, if any

John Heiser moved to excuse Wayne Claybaugh, Duane Fitch seconded, all were in favor.

4)        Election of officers

Jane King moved that all officers stay in their current roles, Duane Fitch seconded, all were in favor.

5)        Review/approve April 12, July 12, and September 13, 2010 board meeting minutes, if available

John Heiser moved to approve the July 12th minutes with amendments noted, Duane Fitch seconded, all were in favor. (John will amend top to say Minutes instead of Agenda)

Duane Fitch moved to approve the September 13th minutes with amendments noted, Jane King seconded, all were in favor. (John will amend top to say Minutes instead of Agenda)

John wants to add a section at the bottom of all minutes to include who submitted the minutes and the date and when they were approved by the board.

6)        Review/approve September 16, 2010 Annual Meeting minutes

Jane King moved to approve the September 16th minutes with amendments noted, Duane Fitch seconded, all were in favor. (Jane will amend top to say Minutes instead of Agenda and will amend #12 to include action item that was taken at that meeting related to the wording on parking)

7)        Review/approve hearing summary letters (0)


8)        Hearings (7) and plans for hearings

Three hearings were waived/cancelled because the three property owners notified the CCC that they are working with the ACC to obtain approval for fencing/structures to address their vehicle parking issues. The ACC confirmed that all three had contacted them and were addressing the issues.

One hearing on vehicle parking was postponed to the November BOD meeting.

During another hearing on alleged vehicle parking violations, the property owner objected to the tone of the Red Oaks communications. The property owner noted inaccuracy in the notice, lack of respect for the owner’s response to the second notice, and statements by Red Oak of what was acceptable and what was not. The homeowner was very upset and frustrated with the tone of Red Oaks communications by email and verbally. Similar comments have been made during several other hearings during the past several months.

During another hearing on alleged vehicle parking violations, the property owner said they have submitted a plan to the ACC and are awaiting official approval. They also said they currently do not have a vehicle parking issue and won’t again until next spring. At that time, if the parking covenants remain as they are, this property owner agreed to put up the ACC-approved structure to address their issue.

Another hearing was held on alleged vehicle parking violations. The property owner did not appear.

9)        ACC Report, if any

The ACC confirmed that three of the property owner’s scheduled for hearings on alleged vehicle parking violations had contacted them and submitted plans for addressing their CCC issues.

A property owner contacted the ACC about the limited visibility at the intersection of Barrington and Scottswood. ACC members went to the intersection and they did not see any issues. They communicated this to the property owner who wanted something done. The ACC suggested that the individual contact the property owner at that intersection to see about tree removal. Jane will forward El Paso County contact information to the ACC and they can provide this to the property owner as well.

Safety at intersections is a county issue. BTPOA does not own any property along the roadsides or elsewhere. These issues must be addressed by the County and the property owner(s) involved.

10)    Committee Reports, if any

a)      Beautification, Trails & Roads: BOD Liaison – Duane Fitch – Who? Chair

No update

b)      Communications, Directory & Web Site: BOD Liaison – Wayne Claybaugh – Steve Fuhrmann, Chair

Steve has been working on the shared folder issue and will now look into Google Docs. Steve will create an account and develop a folder-naming convention.

c)      Covenant Compliance: Liaison - Duane Fitch – Bill Owens, Chair

Duane Fitch updated the Board on a meeting between Bill Owens, Janice with Red Oak, and Jane King. Jane and Duane were tasked to address CCC procedures and wording in communication that goes out to homeowners.

d)      Engineering & Water Augmentation: BOD Liaison – John Heiser – Jerry Lopez, Chair

There are 199 good, clear lots related to the water issues. 41 lots never sent in their information or communicated with anyone about their lots. Two lots have exceeded their irrigation allotment. One lot has exceeded its total water allotment. One hearing will be scheduled to address apparent continuing failure to submit required information.

e)      Forest Management: BOD Liaison – Wayne Claybaugh - Larry Stevens, Chair

No update

f)       Neighborhood Watch & Welcoming: BOD Liaison – Wayne Claybaugh – Wayne Claybaugh, Chair

No update

11)    Treasurer’s Report

a)      Balance Sheet/2010 Budget

No update

b)      Review/Approve Red Oak Associates’ bill

Jane King moved to approve the current bill of $573.78, John Heiser seconded, and all approved. The board is dissatisfied with the way the hours being calculated.

c)      Red Oak Associates’ accumulated hours

According to the BTPOA contract with Red Oaks, any hours over 10 per month have to be pre-approved. Red Oak has repeatedly gone above the hourly limit without contacting the Board for approval. The accumulated hours are in dispute.

d)      Assessment payment status

No change except that the owner of one of the properties with unpaid assessments has filed for bankruptcy.

12)    Status of updates to the Rules and Regulations

a)      Compliance with state law changes

Suggestion made about adding policies regarding flag etiquette as well as requiring that committee members must be in compliance with ACC, CCC, dues, water, etc. in order to serve on committees. No decision made.

13)    Plan for balloting covenant change for vehicle parking

a)      Who to coordinate?

Mike Mastrodonato had an action item from the September 16th homeowner meeting to submit wording to Jane King on the parking motion and this was to be included in the September 16th meeting minutes. The Board was hoping to have this wording by now so that it could be reviewed at this meeting. John Heiser will contact Mike Mastrodonato to see if he has the wording, if not then John will listen to the recording of the homeowner meeting and capture the wording. John will then contact Lebel and get him started on creating the ballot.

b)      Schedule

It is anticipated that it will take between now and late December or early January to get the wording and issues with Lebel addressed. The ballot should be able to be presented to homeowners at the February 2010 budget meeting. It is anticipated that Lebel will want to give 30 days for homeowners to respond. This means if the ballots are sent out in March, it will be approximately April before the outcome will be known.

14)    Future Meeting Schedule:
Budget meeting: Feb. 17
Board meetings: November 8, December 13

15)    Any other business

16)    Summary of action items

John Heiser is going to add a section at the bottom of all minutes to include who submitted the minutes and the date.

John Heiser to send hearing outcome summary letters.

Jane King to send El Paso County contact information to the ACC so they can provide it to a homeowner concerned about the limited visibility at a Bent Tree intersection. (Done 10/12/2010)

Jane King will amend the September 13th Board minutes to change top from Agenda to Minutes.

Jane King will amend the September 16th annual meeting minutes to change top from Agenda to Minutes and to amend #12 to reflect the action item taken at that meeting by Mike Mastrodonato to submit wording on the proposed parking issue.

John Heiser will amend July 12th Board minutes at top to change Agenda to Minutes.

John Heiser to draft hearing notice letter related to water issue and will submit to Red Oaks so it can be sent out on Red Oaks letterhead.

Steve Fuhrmann will look into Google Docs and create an account and work on the naming convention for shared files.

Jane King, Duane Fitch, and John Heiser will contact individuals about CCC outsourcing of administrative tasks to see what options are available.

17)    Adjournment

Meeting was adjourned at 11:55 pm.


Submitted by Jane King, BTPOA Secretary, October 12, 2010. Approved November 8, 2010