ACC meeting minutes October 11, 2010

1)            Ron Restanio, and Mark Wester attended.

2)            Approved new 3 car garage with office space on second floor for 855 Pebble Creek Court, Lot 60.  The garage will be separate from the house and located approximately 85 feet away.   Did the site inspection and owner gave the required deposit.

3)            Approved application to re-stain cedar frame and window trim same color as existing.  1425 Royal Crest Court,  Lot 73. 

4)            Approve application to remove a large tree on 17030 Viscount Court, Lot 108.   Tree is in poor health and may be a hazard.

5)            Approve application for 136 sq. ft. pond on 17030 Viscount Court, Lot 108

6)            Approve application for 17310 Charter Pines Drive, lot 83 to replace part of existing fence with   higher fence to conceal view of cars parked outside of garage.    Did a site inspection

7)            Did site inspection of 17430 Charter Pines Drive for possible shed or garage addition.  No application was submitted.

8)            Approve application for tree house at 17190 Colonial Park Drive, Lot 194.

9)            Received an e-mail from Doug Drake about trees blocking intersection at Barrington Court and Scottswood Drive.   The ACC still considers the intersection to be safe.

10)          Approved new shingles for 17045 Viscount Court, lot 111.

11)          Patrick Quinlan attended the board meeting along with Joel Laube who gave a talk about falcons and the sport and what is required to keep the falcon.   The board agreed with the ACC that since the covenants state specifically that non-domesticated animals are not to be kept as pets in Bent Tree the request for a mew (hawk house) was denied.   Patrick stated that he will try to get two thirds of the property owners to agree to change the covenant.