ACC meeting minutes August 10, 2010

1)            Ron Restanio, and Mark Wester attended, we met at Village Inn Restaurant on Tuesday evening.

2)            Discuss safety concerns at intersection of Barrington Ct. and Scottswood Dr.    Mark and Ron       both inspected the site and didn't find any safety risk.   Mark will reply to the e-mail and inform        Doug that members reviewed the location and concluded that there does not appear to be a           safety issue.

3)            At this year's annual meeting we will talk about thinning of trees at intersections.

 4)           17930 Queensmere Dr., lot 223, completed deck and let us know that they are ready for the       final site inspection.  (This was completed on 08/11/2010).

5)            Approved request for lights added to driveway pillars for lot 245, 1310 Boldmere Ct.

6)            Lot 194, 17190 Colonial Park drive.   Requested we inspect their property and discuss parking      issue.  They later informed us that there is no longer an extra vehicle so there is no issue.

7)            Lot 42, 17610 Charter Pines Drive, notified us that they received confirmation from county           about right of way and it is okay to place rocks near the road.

8)            Lot 128, 17205 Colonial Park Drive.   We verified that they have the proper application for             construction on their property.

 9)           Lot 136, 17030 Viscount Ct.  Approved request for 136 sq. ft. pond with waterfall.

10)          Lot 194, 17190 Colonial Park Dr.  did not approve request for treehouse, we are still waiting for information about location of setbacks.

11)          Lot 103, 1350 Embassy Ct.   Referred owner to covenants and gave instructions on how to            submit change requests to ACC.  He will call ACC if any questions.