ACC meeting minutes July 12, 2010

1)            Ron Restanio, and Mark Wester attended

2)            Met with Ron Story to discuss progress of online request submission.  How much security do we really need?  All requests can be saved in as PDF files instead of in a database.  

3)            Discussed decision about hawk house request and decided to let decision stand as is, the request is denied.

4)            Received an email about trees blocking visibility on the corner of Scottswood Dr. and Barrington Ct.   Ron checked it out and didn't think visibility was impaired by the trees.

5)            Approved request for lights added to driveway pillars for lot 245, 1310 Boldmere Ct.

6)            Received request for 8 x 10 greenhouse for lot 52, 1120 Scottswood .   Incomplete packet was   submitted, need to know the setbacks for structure.

7)            Request for pond on lot 108, 17030 Viscount Ct.  Need more information before request can be approved.

8)            Request for 7 x 12 treehouse on lot 194,  17190 Colonial Park Dr.  Application did not include the setbacks.   ACC will schedule a walkthrough.