ACC meeting minutes April 12, 2010

1)            Patrice Stevens, Ron Restanio, and Mark Wester attended

2)            Approve request for new tile roof for lot 244.   Current roof was damaged by hail storm.

3)            Ron Story was present to talk about website forms.  He will do the work to the forms to the       website.   Our goal is to have requests that can be submitted and approved using an online               process.   Forms can have three possibilities for approval:

                1) Approved as submitted

                2) Not approved

                3) Not approved with stipulations

                Ron quoted a price of $15 / month to maintain forms.                   

4)            Ron will design a water user form to give to Ron Story

5)            Need to call Tom Gregory, lot 79, about request for basketball court.

6)            Call Patrick Quinlan, lot 136.  Need form to approve his request for retaining wall.

7)            Will do inspection at lot 79 to approve additions to existing deck.

8)            Accepted resignation from Patrice Stevens.  Thank you Patrice, you will be missed.