Bent Tree Property Owners Association,

Architectural Control Committee Agenda and Minutes

June 8, 2009


1.               Quorum? Yes. Meeting began at 7:02

2.               New Construction request for lot 49 – approved.

3.               Lot 58 Paint color request - – approved

4.               Lot 117 new deck request – approved

5.               Lot 136 Water Feature addition, Jerry Lopez has approved water usage. – approved

6.               Lot 146 Water Feature addition, Jerry Lopez has approved water usage. – approved

7.               Lot 165 landscaping additions – approved

8.               Lot 169, paint and landscaping requests – approved

9.               Lot 174 Paint color request – approved

10.          Requests not yet received? Lot 167 has not submitted request to mitigate parking issues.  Referred to the board for hearing.

11.          Paint issues… should we require approval for repainting with same color?  How do we determine if it IS the same color?  Honor system? What other requests could we expedite?

o   After discussion we decided to investigate the Kings Deer paint selector and set up our own version.  Those who wish to paint/repaint their homes with approved colors would not need to have approval.  Not on the list? Approval required.  We would need to be diligent with follow up.

12.          Policy and Procedure submission – submitted fencing policy and procedure to board for addition after May meeting. We will be meeting for one hour after the regular meeting 7/13 to begin finalizing our addendum to the BTPOA Board of Directors Policies and Procedures. Expect to have it completed prior to the September all members meeting.

13.          Next meeting 7/13th at 7 pm.

14.          Adjourned at 7:52