Architectural Control Committee
Meeting Minutes
May 11, 2009

Meeting began at 7:15 pm.  All members were present.

1. The board finalized the wording for the Perimeter Fence addition to the Policies and Procedures for BTPOA.
2.  Met with owner of lot 197 to discuss fence request that was denied at the 3/20 meeting.
    a. The owner indicated that he refused to entertain alternate plans for the perimeter fence.  He maintained his lot was hilly and the only flat area was at the back of his lot.
    b. We offered to walk through his property to assist in alternate ideas for the fencing.
    c. Owner again refused to discuss alternate plans and asked if there was an appeal process for ACC decisions.
    d.  ACC Chairman informed him that unfortunately, there was not.
    e. The owner verbalized his commitment to the perimeter fence and stated he would have to go to plan b.
    f.  Owner left meeting abruptly, not allowing any further discussion or mediation and stated forcefully on his way out "If anyone comes on my property they will be dealt with appropriately."
3.  Discussed letter sent to owners of lot 238 regarding unapproved landscaping and hardscaping taking place on the property.  Owners were sent a copy of the application for change available on the internet and was asked to cease any further work until the application was received and approved.  The front page indicating fines could be assessed if the work was not approved in advance was also included in the letter.
4.  Discussed lot 162's landscaping request.  Agreed it sounded reasonable and set a time we could hopefully meet with the owner to walk through and approve the plan.
6.  Discussed the mailing to all BTPOA owners we plan to send immediately detailing the mission of the ACC and the top 10 reasons to contact the ACC.
7.  Meeting adjourned at 7:45.