Bent Tree Property Owners’ Association
Architectural Control Committee Meeting Minutes
December 15, 2008

1.  Meeting began at 7:15 when quorum was achieved.

2.  Lot 198 shed. The shed is not 35 feet from the lot line as required by the covenants.  Patrice will write a letter to the owner to request it be moved as soon as weather permits but no later than 5/1/09 to meet the requirements.  We will also require that trees be planted around the perimeter to block it from view from the neighboring lots.  We will require that the owner have the property inspected for approval when the job is complete.

3.  No new mail.  We need to work with the board to receive new mail from the PO box in a timely manner.

4.  One page review of most used and abused ACC rules.  We decided that we would write a one page bulleted list of the covenant items that require ACC approval.  We will visit all new owners within a month of move-in personally and introduce ourselves to them.  We plan to have a calling card made up with pertinent info to give them and would like to present them with a $20  gift at the same time.  The idea is to take the  "fear factor" out of ACC at the same time as we impress upon them the importance of following the covenants.  Issues:  Request funds for $20 gift at the next ACC/Board Meeting 1/12;  How do we find out when new owners move in?

5.  Policies and Procedures Development.   We decided to break the covenants into three sections.  Patrice had highlighted the pertinent sections and we broke them up so that each member had an equal portion to address.  Rough drafts of the procedures will be emailed to the others for review and will be discussed at the 1/12 meeting.  We also decided to ask for a copy of the Woodmoor, King's Deer and Higby Estates Policies and Procedures to compare.  Patrice will ask for Woodmoor, Ron for King's Deer and Mark for Higby Estates.

6.  Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm.  Next meeting at 7 pm 1/12/09 at the Water District in downtown Monument.