Bent Tree Property Owners’ Association

Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes

July 14, 2008

Monument Sanitation District Office, 130 2nd St., Monument


Attendees:  Board Members:  Duane Fitch, John Heiser, Larry Stevens, Chris Patterson

Others: Steve Fuhrmann, Patrice Stevens, Mark Wester, John Stahl, and Ryan Patterson

Meeting was called to order at 7:18 PM with Duane Fitch presiding.

1)       Review and approval of Previous Board of Directors Meeting Draft Minutes.  David Nix, Board Secretary, was not present and minutes were not available.


2)        Hearing:  Violation of Fireworks Covenant.

a)     There was a reading of the violation which occurred on June 24th at approximately 4 PM.  The incident was reported by two neighbors who called Duane Fitch notifying him of the event which occurred at the Dunston residence on Lot 120, 17145 Colonial Park Drive. 

b)   Mr Dunston chose not to attend the hearing.

c)   Following the reading the board discussed the incident and determined it had in deed occurred and imposed a $1500 fine with 90% waived on the promise that no more firework violations would occur over the next five years.


3)        ACC Report:  Patrice Stevens, ACC Chairwoman, provided a report of on-going builds/ upgrades and construction.  There are currently no significant issues.


4)        Treasurer’s Report:   

                     a)  Chris Patterson reported that the law firm of Anderson, Dude and Lebel had been contacted and provided information on the three remaining property owners with outstanding dues.  These are lots 20, 59, and 64. 

             b)  The Red Oak billing for June was reviewed and approved.

             c)   Treasurer was asked to find out our current CD rates and turn over dates.


5)     Committee Reports: 

             a)  Beautification and Trails:  John Stahl introduced Ryan Patterson who offered a plan to clean up, beautify and maintain all seven Bent Tree entrances.  The board approved the work plan and authorized John Stahl to monitor the work and approve payment and work to be accomplished.  John also discussed trail improvements especially along Higby.

             b)  Covenant Compliance:  Duane reported that neighbors had been calling in and reporting two ATVs operating on our trails along Roller Coaster at a high rate of speed.  It was determined that while this event is occurring it is not from any of our residents but from others from some adjacent housing area.  Will continue to watch and follow reports.

             c)  Directory and Webmaster:  Steve Fuhrmann discussed some file issues and the web server.  He also discussed mail groups.

             d)  Engineering:  None.

             e)  Forest Management:  Duane mentioned that we need to have constant education on the pine beetle and fire mitigation issues.  These issues should be addressed at both the Sep and Feb Annual meetings.

             f)  Neighborhood Watch: Chris Patterson notified the board the neighborhood’s resident sex offender was reportedly back in the area but had not re-registered with the El Paso County Sheriff’s office.  He will follow up and report back.

             g)  BTPOA Communications:  None

             h)  Water Augmentation:  None

              i)  Welcoming:  None


6)    Future Board Meeting schedule:  Next board meeting will be held on Monday, 11 Aug at 7:00 PM


7)    Sept Meeting Progress:  Woodmoor “Barn” Facility has been reserved for Wednesday, 10 Sep at 6:00 PM.


8)    Any other business:  None


9)    Resident remarks, if any, on topics not on the agenda:  None


10)  Summary of action items:


a)      Dunston fine needs to be issued.

b)      John Stahl will follow entrance improvement work

c)      Chris Patterson will report back on dues issues and neighborhood watch




Meeting adjourned at 9:35 PM

Minutes prepared by Chris Patterson, BTPOA Board Member, 8/11/08

Minutes approved at BTPOA BOD Meeting 8/11/08