Bent Tree Property Owners Association

Architectural Control Committee Minutes

April 14, 2008


1.       Approved minutes for 3/3/08

2.       Accepted Dr. David Hatfield’s resignation

3.       Met with the owners of Lot 26 to discuss the ongoing fence issue.  Owner’s shared their choices of fence and it was agreed that they would submit a quote prior to the next meeting for either wrought iron or wrought iron and wood fencing to be installed facing the street and the adjacent property’s driveway.  The black fencing would be allowed to remain on the back part of the property providing it was removed from the trees and was installed properly.

4.       Approved Lot 26 requests for paved driveway.

5.       Reviewed lot 57 landscaping request with owner.  Discussed the 2000 square foot irrigation issue in relation to the planned baseball batting cage area …  The grass there will be artificial.  Plan was approved.

6.       The owners of Lot 165 requested permission to add a fenced area to their property to protect their dog and to upgrade their driveway entrance.  Reviewed the materials with the owners and approved request.

7.       Lot 207 is requesting a refund of moneys submitted with the plans to build the house.  Referred the request to Chris Patterson, BTPOA Board Treasurer.

8.       The owner of Lot 29 submitted a request for new construction.  Patrice sent notice to all adjacent lots asking for input and met with the owner and walked the property to assure the construction would be compliant with the BTPOA Covenants and to share the concerns of neighbors regarding the placement of the house.  Approved with the stipulation that two water meters be installed on the property per the request of the BTPOA board.

9.       The owners of Lot 28 requested permission to replaster their house from an off white to a beige color.  Approved.

10.    The owners of Lot 58 requested permission to re-roof their house.  Requested more information on the fire rating and requested a sample of the roofing material.

11.    Approved paint color for lot 12.

12.    Discussed the letter received from the owners of Lot 245 regarding a drainage issue from the up-slope lot – 246.  Patrice indicated she had spoken to both owners and had informed them that the responsibility of ACC was to assure that the structure built on any BTPOA property met with the standards set forth in the BTPOA Covenants.  It was the county’s responsibility to determine drainage issues when issuing permits.  Therefore, ACC had no jurisdiction over this matter.

13.    Discussed the scope of ACC as an extension of the issue raised by the letter received from the owners of lot 245.  It was decided that this ACC would continue to try to assure all new construction – structures, fencing, and landscaping would meet the requirements set forth in the fourth and fifth filings of the BTPOA Covenants.  It was our responsibility to assure that the county, state, and fire department had approved any new construction and that the water issues were dealt with appropriately. Beyond that, we are not engineers and will defer to the appropriate organizations for decisions on those issues.

14.    Discussed issues we wanted to set forth in a letter to the BTPOA homeowners introducing ourselves and reminding them of the scope of the Architectural Control Committee.  We want to assure them that they are our customers and we want to serve them well.  Will also request volunteers to fill out the board until the September meeting.

15.    Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.