Bent Tree Property Owners’ Association

Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes

March 3, 2008

Monument Sanitation District Office, 130 2nd St., Monument


Attendees:  Board Members:  Duane Fitch, John Heiser, Chris Patterson, newly appointed members David Nix and Larry Stevens

Others:  Patrice Stevens, Mark Webster, Dave Hatfield and Steve Furhmann

Meeting was called to order at 7:02 PM with Duane Fitch presiding.


1)    Feb 18, 2008 minutes were approved by the board.  Agenda was approved.  David Nix was appointed the board’s new Secretary beginning at the April meeting.

        - Determined that “action items” would be added back to the agenda and minutes.


2)    Hearings.  No hearings were held.  There was extensive discussion of the hearing process for the new board members.  Pointed out that covenants do vary by filing location.


3)   ACC Report:  No report.  Did have new ACC board members present so there was good discussion of ACC procedures and requirements.


4)    Treasurer’s Report: 


        a)  4 Lots are still non compliant in paying their annual dues.  The fact that the “Second Notice was not sent out by the 10 Jan deadline was discussed.  As a result of the late mailing, the board moved that the “late fee” assessment would not be incurred until 1 Mar 2008.


        b)  BTPOA Taxes.  Chris Patterson picked up the tax information from Mr Gookin’s office.  The association owed      and will also be required to pay the state a quarterly amount of     .  In addition, Mr Gookin did prepare a 1099 for Red Oak Associates.


        c)  Red Oak Associates Jan billing of $300 was approved to be paid.


5)     Committee Reports:


a)      Covenant Compliance – Two new members are Bill Owens and Steve Bassett

b)      Forest Management – Need to increase our education of fire mitigation and pine beetle control via email and newsletter.  Discussed the possibility of having a “Slash Day” whereby owners could move slash refuse to the street for pickup. 

c)      Neighborhood Watch – no report

d)      Communication – Bids were received for mailing the directory.  Members thought we should include the water information in the mailing to reduce cost.  Steve is in the process of printing 270 copies of the directory.  Board discussed renewing the “Bent Tree Log” publication with information to the neighborhood and that it would be sent via email and posted on the Bent Tree website.  Steve is also working on adding more individuals to the “email list” for receiving publications.  Steve will check Rules and Regulations to ensure all required items/information is placed on the Bent Tree website.    There was a move to make David Nix the BTPOA communication chair.  The motion was seconded by John Heiser and approved by the board.

e)      Water Committee – no report

f)       Roads – this was new item added at the Annual Budget Meeting.  Members will work at ensure road repair issues are addressed and corrected properly in the community.  In addition they will work any snow plow/sanding or salting issues owners may have.


6)  Future Board Meeting:  The next monthly board meeting will be held on 14 April, 2008.


 7)  Any other business:  None


 8)  Resident Remarks:  None


 9)  Summary of Action Items:  None




Meeting adjourned at 9:08 PM

Minutes prepared by Chris Patterson, BTPOA Board Member, 04/08/08

Minutes approved at BTPOA BOD Meeting 04/14/08