Architectural Control Committee

3/3/08 Meeting Minutes


Attending:  Dr. David Hatfield, member; Patrice Stevens, member; Mark Wester, guest 

Not attending: Tom Hilfers, chairperson


Meeting began at 7:00 p.m.


Introduced Mark Wester as guest and appointed to interim term replacing Tom Hilfers, resigning member


Met briefly with BTPOA Board of Directors regarding policies and procedures for ACC. 

1.       Discussed need for Policies and Procedures.

2.       Were informed that the ACC had been enforcing the CCR’s from the 4th and 5th filings.

3.       Educated on the need to use proper forms for filings and responses.

4.       On new construction (other than decking and landscaping) a $550 deposit is required before approval process started. $100 is kept for ACC account, remaining funds used if the committee needs to hire engineer/architect to review plans or refunded once the final walk-through is complete and all construction trash is removed.  Discussed the possibility this amount might need to be raised because of rising fees from engineers/architects.  Tabled till further research can be made.


Discussed the issues surrounding the Wooster fence, lot 26

1.       John Jones, lot 25 is complaining that the fence is sub-standard black plastic fencing 7’ tall.

2.       Sought clarification from the BOD regarding jurisdiction as there was a complaint filed.  Still under ACC jurisdiction.

3.       Dave spoke with Woosters regarding fence construction without approval.  They say they sent two emails to ACC members last year and received no response from anyone.  No official – or unofficial – request was filed with the committee.

4.       Feeling they needed to control their dogs, they constructed the temporary fence anyway.

5.       Patrice met with the Woosters on Sunday and observed the fence.  Brought pictures to the meeting.  Fence is sub-standard, attached to temporary poles and trees and has chicken wire around the bottom as the dog chews through the plastic fencing.

6.       Discussed alternatives and decided that as the fence was not approved, nor within the parameters of the CCR’s would give the Woosters 30 days to reduce the size of the fence to 400 sq. ft and ask that they move to a less conspicuous site on the lot.  Fence must be removed within 90 days and the committee must receive official application for a standard fence within that period of time.

7.       Patrice will work up first draft of letter to Woosters and send to Dave and Mark for review.  Patrice and Dave will sign final draft.


Reviewed lot 201 request to extend deck, replace with fire safe material.

1.       Request not on official form.

2.       Need to walk property – placement of lights? Sightless from other neighbors?

3.       Will send notification to neighbors in form of postcard.

4.       Patrice will send out letter tomorrow.


Reviewed lot 57 request for split rail fence

1.       Need proper forms

2.       Concerned whether hand drawn sketch meets standards

3.       Need more clarification of materials

4.       Patrice will send out letter tomorrow.


Discussed need to utilize email to educate homeowners about ACC procedures and forms.  Patrice will ask Steve Fuhrmann to put link to forms on BTPOA website’s front page making it easier for homeowners to find the forms.


Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.