// Draft minutes pending approval by full BTPOA membership //


Bent Tree Property Owners’ Association

Annual Budget Meeting Minutes

February 21, 2008

Woodmoor Barn Community Center

1691 Woodmoor Dr, Monument, CO


Attendees:  Board Members:  Duane Fitch, and Chris Patterson, newly appointed members David Nix and Larry Stevens

Others:  John Anderson, Greg & Elena Davis, John & Kathy Decker, Lance & Diane Dodd, Richard Dubois, Jackie Duhon, Patrice Stevens, Mark Webster, Dave Hatfield, Steve Fuhrmann, Bill & Ann-Marie Glasford, David Hollenbach, John Jones, Jerry Lopez, Jim & Debbi Maser, Caroline Murphy, Gerald Neufeld, David and Michele Nix, William Owens, Phillip Perry, Istvan Prileszky, Ron Restanio, Rick & Joy Smith, Larry & Patrice Stevens, Al Thaut, and Clarence Turner.


Meeting was called to order at 7:22 PM with Duane Fitch presiding. 


1)    Duane opened the session by thanking everyone for their attendance and noting that there was not a quorum for the evening’s proceedings. 


2)     Duane then made plea to the owners that their participation on the Board of Directors as well as other community committees was desperately needed.  David Nix and Larry Steven stepped forward and offered their services to the community as members of the Board of Directors.  After providing the group with a statement of their qualifications and desires they were appointed by Duane with no objections from the owners.  


3)   Discussion then turned to the committees.  There was extensive discussion of the Covenant Compliance committee.  Duane explained the purpose and why we elected to go to a HOA Management Company (Red Oak Associates) to help alleviate neighbor versus neighbor compliance situations.  He further explained that this approached had been very successful and we had not had any “repeat” offenders once there was a board hearing.


      a)  John Anderson then spoke of the Forestry Committee and the information that he and Steve Fuhrmann had posted on the Bent Tree website discussing what was required to keep our forest healthy and vibrant.  Much of the discussion centered on the pine beetle (how to identify and remove infected trees) and fire mitigation.


     b)  Jerry Lopez then spoke about the Water Committee.  He focused on what he and the Board had accomplished over the past year in obtaining data from metered homes as well as obtaining accurate “irrigated area” measurements from properties for the first time ever.  This action came about due to our coming very close to using our maximum amount of water in 2006 and realizing that we needed to take action before the state did.  As a result, owners with more than 2000 sq ft of irrigated land will provide two meter readings: 1) for total use and 2) use on irrigated areas.   




4)    General discussion followed:


        a)  Duane spoke about trash pick up and recycling.  He explained that for the safety of children and to reduce “general wear and tear” on our roads he would really like to see members of the community move to one garbage collector.  Over the past few months he has spoken to all that serve our community and Tri-Lakes offered the best rate.  Home owners generally liked the idea but complained that Tri-Lakes would not take recycling material.  Duane pointed out that if we can get 180 homeowners to sign on Tri-Lakes will begin to take tin/aluminum and paper.


        b)  Al Thaut then brought up and issue regarding snow removal and the “salting” of roads within Bent Tree.  The sand and salt are both having a negative impact on his property and he has addressed the issue with the El Paso County Transportation Department regarding this problem.  In addition, he advised the members that road repair conducted in front of his property last summer was not to code and that any “repairing” of roads in the neighborhood needs to be monitored to ensure it is done properly.  Mr Thaut agreed to lead a new “Roads Committee” to help ensure the Bent Tree community has safe and properly maintained roads.


5)     The budget (attached) was then presented and discussed by both Duane Fitch and Chris Patterson.  Specifically discussed was why the budget has such a large reserve and the need for redesign/upgrade of the entrances.  The reserve is there for any contingencies that may come forward that the BTPOA would be responsible to pay for; an example is if the well that has been pumping for the community for over twenty years needs replacing this could be used for helping to pay for the replacement.  Regarding the entrances, Duane stated he has called numerous landscaping companies for estimates and as received a variety all the way up to $60,000 per entrance.  He is confident we can do it for less and would like additional input/assistance from homeowners.


6)  Future Board Meeting:  The next monthly board meeting will be held on 3 March, 2008.


 7)  Any other business:  None


 8)  Resident Remarks:  None


 9)  Summary of Action Items:  None




Meeting adjourned at 9:08 PM

Minutes prepared by Chris Patterson, BTPOA Board Member, 04/11/08

Minutes accepted at BTPOA BOD Meeting 04/14/08