Bent Tree Property Owners’ Association

Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes

July 9th, 2007

Monument Sanitation District Office, 130 2nd St., Monument



Attendees:  Board Members:  Duane Fitch, John Heiser, Tom Hilfers, Chris Patterson, Debbi Maser

Others:  Jerry Lopez, Susan and Randy Berry, Bryan and Tamie Boyce, Jeanne Thomas


Meeting was called to order at 7:00PM with Duane Fitch presiding.


1)        Review and approval of  Board of Directors Meeting Draft Minutes

a)      Motion was made by John Heiser to approve the June 11th, 2007, Board of Directors Meeting Draft Minutes with minor changes; seconded by Tom Hilfers, and all votes in favor.

b)      Motion was made by John Heiser to approve with minor changes the May 14th, 2007, Board of Directors Meeting Draft Minutes; seconded by Tom Hilfers and all votes in favor.

2)        Hearing(s) if any

a)      Red Oaks Associates had sent a hearing notice to owners regarding repeated parking violations.  Red Oaks Associates presented summary, stating the owners had received several letters but had not corrected the problem.  Owners were provided opportunity to present their case and ask questions before the BOD went to executive session to make decision.  Two BOD members abstained from voting as their properties were in close proximity to the property cited.  Ruling by the BOD was that, in accordance with Bent Tree Covenants and Rules and Regulations, the owners were fined $100 per day per vehicle in violation, resulting in a total fine of $3700.  The BOD determined that 10% of the fine was due immediately, with the remainder waived pending immediate correction of the violations and no further violations within two years, or the full amount, plus additional fines, would be due. Owners paid the fine of $370 and were referred to the ACC to discuss options for building / screening their multiple vehicles.

b)      BOD discussion regarding decision made at prior meeting regarding parking violations on another property.  Motion was made by John Heiser and seconded by Tom Hilfers with all votes in favor to suspend the fine of $200 with 10% due ($20) because the property was undergoing foreclosure and the legal fees to add this fine to existing debts would cost more than the fine.

3)        ACC Report:  Tom Hilfers

a)      ACC received plans for Lot 161 and Lot 52

b)      Lot 165 issues being worked as the builder was not following the approved ACC plan and there were potential issues with the leach lines and the driveway placement.

c)      Dr. Dave Hatfield has volunteered to fill the vacancy on the ACC.  June 11th, 2007: Action for Steve Fuhrmann to post Dr. Hatfield’s name and contact info on the website.

d)      ACC question regarding installation of permanent flag poles and discussion re. requirement that if flags are displayed at night, lighting is required.  June 11th, 2007: Suggestion to post specific requirements from Colorado and Federal law on the website. Completed.

e)      Reminder that the ACC needs to keep minutes of meetings and records of approvals.

4)        Treasurer’s Report: Debbi Maser

a)      Bills paid:

                                                  i.      Ck # 2333 $15 for BOD Meeting

                                                ii.      Ck #2334 $450 for Lebel bill

                                              iii.      Ck #2335 $32 for Mt View Electric.  Debbi asked and it was approved that this bill be set up with auto-pay so it would not have to be mailed each month.

b)      Deposits made

                                                  i.      $550 ACC deposit for lot # 52 being built.

c)      October 9th, 2006: Debbi Maser to replace Kathy Decker as the Bent Tree “registered agent.”  In process. 

5)        Committee Reports

a)      BEAUTIFICATION AND TRAILS:  BOD Liaison - Tom Hilfers – John Stahl CC

                                                  i.      The BOD expressed dissatisfaction with the work that was contracted for trail enhancements.   There has been no visible progress, work to be done has not been completed, and there were concerns regarding payment of $2500 but not receiving / seeing the expected improvements.  July 9th, 2007:  Action for Tom to contact John Stahl to follow up on this and bring status and resolution to next BOD meeting.

                                                ii.      Discussion regarding Justin asking if he should mow / clear the entrances as done in years past.  June 11th, 2007: Action for Tom Hilfers to contact him to proceed.

                                              iii.      Discussion regarding landscaping maintenance and / or additional future work needed.  June 11th, 2007: Action for Tom Hilfers to work with the Beautification and Trails Committee to define needs and budget requirements.

                                              iv.      Steve Fuhrmann stated that the Scottswood entrance off 105 needs to have some wood cleared.  June 11th, 2007: Action for Tom Hilfers to resolve this.

b)      COVENANT COMPLIANCE:  BOD Liaison - Duane Fitch / Jim Maser CC

                                                  i.      One lot needs help with removal of a satellite dish.  June 11th, 2007: Action for Dr. Hatfield to work with owner to resolve this.

                                                ii.      Multiple lots have dead trees on them.  BOD discussion and decision that dead trees are a nuisance and detract from the beauty of Bent Tree and that they need to be removed by the owners.  Chris Patterson provided suggested wording to include in R&R revisions addressing dead trees.  June 11th, 2007: Action for CCC to notify Red Oak to send notices to owners with dead trees of this decision by the BOD, and that owners may contact the BOD if they need help removing dead trees.  Red Oak notified; letters in process.

                                              iii.      Summary of violations cited this past month was provided. Other activities this month included multiple calls from owners to the CCC or Red Oak.  Parking violations, loose dogs, and nuisance noise continue to be the top offenders.  Complaints of ATVs being driven in the neighborhood, and resolution of multiple visitors over July 4th were addressed.

                                              iv.      Multiple violations have not been cured. June 11th, 2007, action for CCC to notify Red Oak to send hearing notices to the owners of unresolved violations for the next BOD meeting.  Completed.

                                                v.      June 11th, 2007, action for Debbi Maser to send reminder letters from the BOD to owners who had violations cited last July.  Completed.

c)      DIRECTORY AND WEBMASTER:  BOD Liaison / Debbi Maser – Steve Fuhrmann CC

                                                  i.      June 11th, 2007: Action for Steve Fuhrmann to post “no fireworks permitted in Bent Tree” on the website.  Steve was unavailable, but signs were posted in the neighborhood and will be able to be used next year.  Completed.

d)      ENGINEERING:  BOD Liaison – John Heiser

e)      FOREST MANAGEMENT:  BOD Liaison – Tom Hilfers / John Anderson CC

                                                  i.      Steve Furhmann stated that he would like to post forestry information on the website, to include a PDF of a forest management plan, links to Colorado websites on forest management, Bent Trees goals and objectives, “Help” or “How to” reference information for owners, and also an annual report on the health of the forest around us.  June 11th, 2007: Tom Hilfers took action to contact John Anderson to gather some of this information and provide to Steve to post on website.  In process..

f)       NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH:  BOD Liaison - Chris Patterson

                                                  i.      It was brought to tbe BOD’s attention that there had been a stalker in the neighborhood. The BOD was shocked but very appreciative of this input.   July 9th, 2007:  Chris took the action to follow up on this and post information on our website.  Completed. 

g)      BTPOA COMMUNICATIONS:  BOD Liaison – Debbi Maser

h)      WATER AUGMENTATION:  BOD Liaison – John Heiser / Jerry Lopez CC

                                                  i.      Jerry Lopez presented summary status:  34% of the lots have provided reports; eight lots are way over, and four others are over but have taken corrective action.  This means almost 200 lots have not responded.  This needs to be completed as soon as possible. 

                                                ii.      Ideas to proceed included paying for outside support, which was estimated to be about two hours per lot, so that would mean 400 hours by the end of September, which would be about 30 hours a week for 12 weeks.  Jerry will talk to Justin to see if he’s available.  The BOD authorized $20/hr if necessary to complete the surveys.

                                              iii.      After discussion, decision was made to send letters to all the owners who have not responded stressing the importance of their response, and notifying them that if they don’t complete the survey, costs incurred by Bent Tree to do so would be passed on to them. Summary of owners who have not complied or not responded and decision as to what the BOD’s action will be will be addressed at the next BOD meeting.  July 9th, 2007: Action for Debbi to prepare and mail letters. Completed.

i)        WELCOMING:  BOD Liaison – John Heiser / Wayne Claybaugh CC

                                                  i.      June 11th, 2007: Action for John Heiser to work with the Water Augmentation Committee and the Welcoming Committee to meet with new owners to explain that it is a covenant violation if there is more than 2000 sf irrigated space on the property and that water usage is based on 124,800 gallons annual usage. John to also work with the Welcoming Committee to ensure new owners are aware that if they have purchased one of the 36 reportable lots, an externally readable meter is required to be installed at owner’s expense if it not already done.

6)        R&R recommended changes

a)      Bring your concerns and suggestions to the BOD meeting.

b)      June 11th, 2007: In addition to various actions cited above for specific updates needed, John Heiser took an action to identify other sections of the R&Rs that need to be updated.  July 9th, 2007:  Proposed changes were identified and motion was made by John Heiser and seconded by Chris Patterson, and all votes in favor of incorporating the suggested changes into the R&Rs.

7)        Future Board Meeting schedule

a)      Next BOD Meeting is scheduled for August 13th, 2007, at 7:00pm, at the Monument Sanitation District Office, 130 2nd St., Monument

8)        Any other business

9)        Resident remarks, if any, on topics not on the agenda


Meeting adjourned at10:00 pm

Minutes prepared by Debbi Maser, BTPOA Secretary / Treasurer, 8/5/07

Approved at BTPOA BOD Meeting 8/13/07