Bent Tree Property Ownersí Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, August 9th, 2006


Monument Library


Attendees:Board Members:Kathy Decker, Duane Fitch, John Heiser, and Debbi Maser.

Others:Jim Maser, Dave Hollenbach


Meeting was called to order at 6:30pm.


1)         Resident remarks, if any, on topics not on the agenda:

a)      Dave Hollenbach introduced himself as a new resident to Bent Tree and expressed concerns that lack of enforcement of covenants was causing too many problems within Bent Tree.Dave stated that there should be an enforcement process in place as the covenants are a legally binding agreement from owners.

2)         Review and approval of minutes July 7, 2006 and July 19, 2006 BOD meetings:

a)      Modified July 7, 2006 meeting minutes to reflect that Kathy Decker and Duane Fitch had left the meeting at 9:00pm.Kathy Decker made a motion to approve meeting minutes with above annotation.Motion seconded by Duane Fitch.Approved by Kathy Decker, Duane Fitch, Debbi Maser, and John Heiser.

b)      Duane Fitch made a motion to approve the July 19, 2006 meeting minutes.Motion seconded by Kathy Decker.Approved by Duane Fitch, Kathy Decker, Debbi Maser, and John Heiser.

3)         Review action items from minutes of the July 7, 2006 and July 19, 2006 BOD meetings:

a)      July 7, 2006 BOD meeting actions:

                                                   i.      John Heiser to mail letter regarding use of Bent Tree directory information to one resident.Completed.

                                                 ii.      Action assigned to Gail Bates, CCC Chairperson, to solicit additional members for the CCC, such that the CCC would be comprised of an odd number of members.No status.

                                                iii.      Action assigned to BOD members to review the R&Rís for further discussion to determine what changes should be made to clarify the R&Rís. In process.

                                               iv.      Action assigned to Debbi Maser for Bent Tree Log to be published by mid-August.Action modified to not publish Bent Tree Log until after the Property Owners Annual Meeting.

                                                 v.      Action for letter to be mailed to all BTPOA members at least 15 days prior to the Annual Property Owners Meeting, which is scheduled for September 14th at the Woodmoor Barn. Pending finalization of materials.

b)      July 19, 2006 BOD meeting actions:

                                                   i.      John Heiser to prepare and sign final version of V5 covenant compliance letter and provide copies to Debbi Maser for mailing.Completed.

                                                 ii.      Debbi Maser to mail V5 covenant compliance letter to residents. Completed.

4)         Plans for Annual Meeting

a)      Announcement Letter to include notification that lot plans will be available and to include notification regarding SB education.

b)      Agenda:

                                                   i.      Draft Annual Meeting Agenda reviewed with recommendation to condense the agenda prior to sending to residents.

                                                 ii.      Meeting Notice to include notification to residents that building plans will be available for pickup and will be destroyed by ACC if not picked up at the meeting, or if other arrangements are not made with the ACC prior to the Annual Meeting.

                                                iii.      BOD decision for John Heiser to present a 15-minute training session prior to the commencement of the Annual Meeting for owner education regarding the requirements of SB-100 and SB-89.

c)      Other materials to be provided to the membership

                                                   i.      Minutes of Sept.16, 2005 Annual Meeting

                                                 ii.      Minutes of Feb.16, 2006 Budget (non) Meeting

                                                   i.      Revised Rules and Regulations

                                                 ii.      Executive Summary of Changes to the Rules and Regulations

                                                iii.      Treasurerís Report

5)         Review and approval of Revised Rules and Regulations (R&Rís):

a)      Lengthy discussion, comments, revisions and review of the V2 Draft R&Rís, dated August 10, 2006.

b)      Additional comments and edits to be provided to John Heiser for incorporation into another version to be reviewed at next BOD meeting.

c)      Duane Fitch made motion to move forward with comments from this BOD meeting.Kathy Decker seconded the motion.Motion was approved by Duane Fitch, Kathy Decker, Debbi Maser and John Heiser.

6)         Plans for publication of the Bent Tree Log:

a)      Next edition of Bent Tree Log planned for after the Annual Meeting.

7)         Any other business:

a)      BOD discussion regarding BTPOA attorney and requirement to find replacement for Duve.

b)      BOD discussion that additional support is needed for covenant enforcement within Bent Tree and that optimum solution would be to outsource this task.A motion was made by Duane Fitch for the BTPOA BOD to contract with Bennett Shellenberger to provide covenant compliance support to Bent Tree with Gail Bates, CCC Chairperson, as BTPOA POC, for a six month period with authorization to spend BTPOA funds NTE $4500.Motion was seconded by Kathy Decker, and approved by Duane Fitch, Kathy Decker, Debbi Maser, and John Heiser.

8)         Future Board Meeting Schedule:

a)      Next BOD meeting scheduled for August 13th, 2006, at 17135 Colonial Park Dr., Monument, CO 80132 at 2:00pm.

9)         Summary of action items:

a)      Action for John Heiser to contact and retain Bennett Shellenberger for BTPOA covenant enforcement for a six month period NTE $4500.

10)     Adjourn:

a)      Meeting was adjourned at 9:30pm.


Minutes prepared by Debbi Maser, BTPOA Secretary, 8/19/06

Approved at BTPOA BOD Meeting, 8/20/06