Bent Tree Property Owners’ Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, July 19th, 2006


Monument Branch Library


Attendees:  Board Members:  John Heiser, Gail Bates, Debbi Maser, Duane Fitch and Kathy Decker. 

Other:  Bruce Bates


Meeting was called to order at 6:30pm. 


Agenda was modified to address only the following items:


1)         Covenant compliance letter:

a)      John Heiser provided a substantial revision to the covenant compliance letter approved at the board meeting July 7th to BOD members and several other residents via email on July 16th.  In the absence of unanimous BOD written consent to accept his revisions, John called this special meeting of the BOD.

b)      John presented the original version of the covenant compliance letter approved by the BOD July 7th, along with three additional versions.  For ease of discussion, V1 was the version approved at the prior July 7th meeting.  V2 was the version that John had revised and submitted via email July 16th for approval.  V3 was a version edited by Duane Fitch.  V4 was a second revision from John including some of Duane’s comments.

c)      After much discussion, additional comments were made to revise V4, thus creating a V5 of the letter.  A motion was made, rescinded, and then amended by Kathy Decker to approve V5 of this letter.  Motion was seconded by Duane Fitch.  Kathy Decker, Duane Fitch, and John Heiser voted to approve the V5 letter.  Debbi Maser and Gail Bates voted against.  V5 was approved with action for John to sign V5 letter and for Debbi Maser to mail to residents.

2)         Web posting of revised covenant enforcement procedure and schedule of fines:

a)      The approved V5 letter and the previously-approved covenant enforcement procedure and schedule of fines were authorized to be posted on the Bent Tree website.

3)         Future Board Meeting schedule:

a)      Next Board Meeting was scheduled for August 9th, at 6:30pm at the Monument Library.

4)         Summary of action items:

a)      John Heiser to prepare and sign final version of V5 covenant compliance letter and provide copies to Debbi Maser for mailing.

b)      Debbi Maser to mail V5 covenant compliance letter to residents.

5)         Adjourn:  Meeting was adjourned at 7:30pm.


Minutes prepared by Debbi Maser, BTPOA Secretary, 8/8/06

Approved at BTPOA BOD Meeting, 8/9/06