Bent Tree Property Owners Association (BTPOA)

Board of Director’s Meeting Minutes

Saturday, March 22, 2005

Monument Town Hall

166 2nd Street, Monument, CO 80132

1. Attendees: Directors: John Heiser, Kathy Decker, Gail Bates, Tim McLaughlin and Jerry Wagner.  John Heiser presided.

2. Minutes of March 10th BTPOA BOD meeting: After review, Tim McLaughlin moved that the minutes be approved, as presented; Kathy Decker seconded and the minutes were approved 4-0-1 with Jerry Wagner abstaining.

3. Action Items of the March 10th BOD meeting:

a) John Heiser

1) Research and ascertain Association’s insurance coverage – John checked with Linda Engle – everybody (volunteers-elected or otherwise) are considered covered - $2 million total.

2) Revisions in the February 12th meeting minutes have been incorporated.

3) Special Meeting materials (agenda, sign-in roster, draft minutes of budget meeting, letters, and reports handouts) were prepared and available to meeting attendees.

4) Ken Blutt has agreed to stay on as Water Augmentation Liaison pending John’s contacting Jerry Lopez to assume the position.

b) Kathy Decker

1) Kathy obtained the bottled water and coffee for tonight’s Special Meeting.

2) Preparation of the draft minutes of the March 10th board meeting has been done.

4. Address any actions from the March 22 Special Meeting: Not applicable.

5. Future Board Meetings: April 10, 2 pm, Kathy Deckers’ house.

6. Any other business or resident remarks: None.

7. Summarize action items:

a) John Heiser

1) Contact Jerry Lopez regarding the Ken Blutt’s Water Augmentation Liaison position.

2) Contact Joyce Blutt regarding “Rules and Regulations”.

8. Adjourn: No further agenda items nor discussion, Jerry Wagner moved the meeting be adjourned, Tim McLaughlin seconded and the motion was unanimously approved.

Minutes Prepared by Jerry Wagner, Secretary, BTPOA, April 9, 2005.