Bent Tree Property Owners Association (BTPOA)

Board of Director’s Meeting Minutes

Sunday, January 9, 2005

Kathy Decker’s residence, 17765 Merryhill Court



1.       Attendees: Directors: John Heiser, Kathy Decker and Jerry Wagner. The meeting was called to order at 2:15 pm. John presided.


2.       Minutes of September 18th BTPOA annual meeting: Editorial changes were noted in paragraphs 4, 5, 7, 9, 10 and 11. After review and incorporation of the changes, Kathy moved; John seconded and the minutes, with changes, were unanimously approved. Minutes of September 18th BOD meeting were reviewed, with changes needed in paragraphs 1; correction in the spelling of Corinne (Warren) and 4(a); misspelling. Kathy moved; John seconded and these minutes were also unanimously approved, with corrections.


3.       Action Items of September 18th BOD meeting: Due to Corinne’s absence, checking with El Paso County on what assistance would be available from the County in dealing with tree infestations remains PENDING.

4.       Review/Adopt Rules and Regulations: The “Rules and Regulations of Bent Tree” (Third Draft, 29 July 2004) was reviewed for adoption. Corrections noted:


a)    Page 1 of 9, Para. 1.c. and Page 2 of 9, Para. 1.d. principal vs. principle

b)    Page 3 of 9, Para. 4.B. to read: B. INTRODUCTION: People could share…housing; however, the property…all appearances…

c)    Page 3 of 9, Para. 4.C., second and third lines, pluralize ‘appearance’ (appearances)

d)    Page 3 of 9, Para. 4.D., third line – delete “” on guests

e)    Page 4 of 9, Para. 5.B. – discreet vs. discrete

f)     Page 6 of 9, Para. 9.C., “Vehicles blocked…”, 5th line – replace BTPOA with CCC

g)    Page 8 of 9, Para. 10.C., 4th line – replace convenience with convenient

h)    Page 9 of 9, Para. 11.D.(5)(d), 4th line – insert “a” before “phone call”

i)      Page 9 of 9, Para. 11.D.(5)(d), 5th line – insert “a” before “solution”, and

j)      Page 9 of 9, Para. 11.E, 3rd line – delete repetitive “are appreciated.


With these changes, Jerry moved, Kathy seconded and adoption was unanimous.


5.       Committee Liaison Assignments:


a)    Architectural Control Committee – John Heiser

b)    Beautification and Trails Committee – John Heiser

c)    Covenant Compliance Committee – John Heiser

d)    Directory – Kathy Decker

e)    Engineering Committee – Tim McLaughlin

f)     Forestry Committee – Corinne Warren

g)    Neighborhood Watch/Security Committee – Jerry Wagner

h)    Newsletter – Jerry Wagner

i)      Water Augmentation – Kathy Decker

j)      Welcoming Committee – Corinne Warren


6.       Draft Budget: After review and discussion the following budget will be proposed for adoption.


    Expense Category             Amount                                   Description                                               


Beautification & Trails            $       1,650          Maintenance of entrances, trails, roadside

Covenant Compliance             $          250         Printing and mailing

Dues and Subscriptions           $          100         Membership in NEPCO

Flood Control                         $          500         Engineer’s review plus maintenance work

Forestry                                 $          300         Beetle and mistletoe survey

Insurance                               $       2,500          General Liability, Officers & Directors Liability

Legal                                     $       1,000          Attorney review documents

Meeting expense                    $          600         Meeting room(s) and refreshments

Printing and mailing                $       1,300          BT LOG, Directory, meeting notices

Reserve                                 $       1,100          Miscellaneous contingencies

Utilities                                  $         400          Lights at Scottswood and Highway 105

Water Augmentation              $       9,000          BT share in Great Divide Water Company

Welcoming                             $         300          Printing or purchasing materials, birdhouses               

Total Expenses                    $     19,000                                                                                      


     Revenue Category            Amount                                     Description                                            

Dues                                     $     18,504          257 lots X $72 per lot

Plan review                            $          300         Assumes three sets of house plans reviewed

Interest on CDs                      $         196                                                                                        

Total Revenue                    $    19,000                                                                                       



No further discussion, Jerry moved, John seconded and the draft BTPOA budget proposal be adopted and presented at the upcoming Annual Budget Meeting.


7.       Budget Meeting Arrangements – February 12th, 2:00 PM:


a)    Meeting place – to be determined

b)    Plan for notification and reminders – notices sent out (separate mailing) to all residents and reminder notice in BT LOG

c)    Agenda items – to be determined


8.       Bent Tree Log publication schedule: Ready for mailing by end of January; containing minutes of annual meeting/Board activities (Board/Committee information) and notice of Budget meeting.


9.       Review/Adopt? Forestry Letter: Deferred – John will take an action item on this issue.


10.   Next Board Meeting: To follow the Annual Budget Meeting, February 12th.


11.   Action Items:


a)    John Heiser

1)    Prepare and mail notice of Annual Budget Meeting

2)    Review and clarify Forestry committee’s proposed notice/compliance letter, regarding pest infestation mitigation for Board’s approval.

b)    Jerry Wagner

1)    Get out next issue of the BT LOG to include minutes of Annual Meeting, Board activities, notice of Budget Meeting, Board/Committee information…

c)    Kathy Decker

1)    Secure location for the Annual Budget Meeting

2)    Contact Steve Fuhrmann for labels for the Budget Meeting Notice mailing

3)    Review/update Association’s financial reports



Minutes Prepared by Jerry Wagner, Secretary, BTPOA, January 10, 2005.